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Thread: Tata Sky+ HD stuck at initializing, not starting up

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    Tata Sky+ HD stuck at initializing, not starting up

    I am using Tata Sky+ HD at my home which was working fine, but today when I tried turning it on then it was not working. It was stuck on its normal message that it gives "please wait initializing" but after that nothing was happening. I have already checked all the wiring and everything is in its place, so what other problem could it be? I also heard that calling a Tata Sky customer service is charged by them for a visit? So, if anyone knows how to solve this issue? Thank you

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    Re: Tata Sky+ HD stuck at initializing, not starting up

    You can try to call any local technician available in your area who might have some expertise in solving the kind of issues you are facing with the Tata Sky+ HD. This way you will be charged less compared to the customer service of Tata Sky. However, if the box itself is at fault then you will need to call up Tata Sky and only they will be able to assist you for sorting all kind of issues from replacing the box to repairing it.
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    Re: Tata Sky+ HD stuck at initializing, not starting up

    Yes, even I had similar problems with my Tata Sky+ HD box, so I called their tech support and they charged me around Rs. 250 but it is acutally the best method to call to their customer service since the box will be fixed for sure. There is also not any guarantee if you take the box to some other place instead of showing it to a Tata Sky tech guy as it could end up into more trouble. So, call them immediately to fix this issue.

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    Re: Tata Sky+ HD stuck at initializing, not starting up

    Even I would not suggest you to take the Tata Sky+ HD box to any local repair shop because the box might end up totally by those repair workers. It is always a good idea to spend money on the Tata Sky support to get the box fixed. The worst case would be that if you open the box then it will become useless and Tata Sky will not accept it any longer. You should always try to take it to a authorized service centre only.

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