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Thread: Beware of Fake Products sold by leading newspapers in India !

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    Beware of Fake Products sold by leading newspapers in India !

    If you had seen a ad of a Smartphone like below that was published on 21st, February 2015 on Yeshobhumi, about a Galaxy Note II Smartphone, then beware. This are fake products who are sold by leading newspaper in India. The model number is Galaxy Note II that cost around Rs.2199 and comes with a Flip cover and Wrist Watch. The model number confuse buyers with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 android Smartphone that cost around Rs.26000 approx. It is a fake product with many problems already reported by users on different sites like Once you bought and if you are not satisfied there is no centralized office where you can go and return it. Also there is no official repair centers of such device.

    Fake Smartphone

    Fake Smartphone

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    Re: Beware of Fake Products sold by leading newspapers in India !

    My friend got same type of add on Dinakaran Tamil newspaper on 12/02/2015. He bought the phone. He first thought this was Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and someone is selling this at a low price through a deal. But after buying he found that the product was actually fake. It looks like Galaxy S4 in the advertisement but in reality it was some fake device. He is trying to contact the company but no one is responding. The phone number where he called are switched off.

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    Re: Beware of Fake Products sold by leading newspapers in India !

    Most of this products are sold by QS Hot Deals. If you can see that in the ad. One of my friend was also duped in the same manner. And there is no trace of this company. The paper does not print any information on the address and proper contact details. I do not understand how they publish such advertisement. It's like this newspaper are also a part of this thing. I even contacted the news paper office for help but they did not responded.

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