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Thread: Is BSNL giving 3G mobile data packs at cheap rates

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    Is BSNL giving 3G mobile data packs at cheap rates

    I have heard that recently BSNL has reduced their price on 3G mobile internet data packs for our smartphones? Is this true because recently there were some other mobile network providers like Vodafone who were increasing their 3G tariffs, so how come BSNL is doing the opposite? Aren't they facing any losses? Even if this is provided at low cost then can anyone tell me if the download speed we are getting is good and doesnt break all the time on our phones? Thank you

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    Re: Is BSNL giving 3G mobile data packs at cheap rates

    I have heard that BSNL is giving low 3G tariff plans to their customers. Below are some of the BSNL 3G mobile data pack rates that you can check:
    • For 240 MB data for Rs. 39
    • For 500MB data for Rs. 78
    • For 1GB data for Rs. 139/155
    • For 2GB data for Rs. 251
    • For 5GB data for Rs. 561
    • For 7GB data for Rs. 821
    • For 10GB data for Rs. 1011
    • For 20GB data for Rs. 1949

    As you can see the price, BSNL is providing it at a much cheaper rate than any ohter mobile service providers and it will be a best choice to go for.

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    Re: Is BSNL giving 3G mobile data packs at cheap rates

    Yes, it seems that BSNL mobile internet data plan are revised and it is now one of the most providing 3G internet at a very low rate. They also have the largest 3G coverage and are even expanding in remote areas all across the country. So, even if you are in some village, you will still get a 2G internet speed for sure. I will definitely recommend you to go with this mobile network because it is the most affordable when compared to any other.
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    Re: Is BSNL giving 3G mobile data packs at cheap rates

    Well, I am using Vodafone and 500mb of data pack costs me 147 rupees for 4 weeks of usage where else BSNL is providing it for cost of Rs. 78 only. I will definitely try to convert to this mobile network but I want to make sure that we get good download and upload speed on our smartphone. I have never used BSNL mobile network, so I dont know if it gives a good connection or breaks over time.

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