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Thread: Airtel ADSL disconnects every 10 minutes

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    Airtel ADSL disconnects every 10 minutes

    I am using Airtel 16mbps plan with the Beetel 450TC1 modem/router on a laptop that is connected to the internet through wifi. The light on the modem turns off every 10 minutes or so but the power and dsl light is turned on and remain stable. So, I have turn of the modem and switch it on again for a couple of times and then the Internet led starts to glow and I am able to use internet via wifi. But soon after 10 minutes the light goes off again. So, if anyone has found a fix for this issue then please reply. Thanks

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    Re: Airtel ADSL disconnects every 10 minutes

    Well, if you are using a high end internet connection of 16mbps then you are supposed to get your own modem from a good company like Dlink or Linksys. I seriously have a doubt on the Modem/Router that you are using. It is either not supporting the high end internet connection or else it is failing. So get yourself a good router and test the internet afterwards. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Airtel ADSL disconnects every 10 minutes

    It does seem that your internet connection cannot support this speed and with the Beetel Router that you are using I am unsure if that is the main root of the problem. One thing I can suggest is that you can downgrade to an 8mbps plan with your current setup and see if this setup is working for you. If it is then surely you will need to buy some new equipment for the high end internet speed.

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    Re: Airtel ADSL disconnects every 10 minutes

    It might be possible that your SNR value is poor, so you will need to get your line checked by the line man. You will have to ask him to replace the line without the joints and non insulated parts. You should actually need this information so that the line man knows what you are talking about. Because if you are approaching at exchange then they will try to evade it by some or the other excuses.

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