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Thread: How to use Visa Debit Card securely on web for payment

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    How to use Visa Debit Card securely on web for payment

    I am frequently using my Debit card for various payment on web. I was checking my bank account and recently I got some additional charges on it which were charged by a website. I never made transaction to a site. It looks suspicious. I need some help here to keep my payments more secure. I think there are certain sites which trap details. Most of my payments are done on shopping websites.

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    Re: How to use Visa Debit Card securely on web for payment

    It is always good to never add your debit card details on any site. Many of them gives you a account section where you can keep your details save. Never do that. Because somehow clicks can be costly.

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    Re: How to use Visa Debit Card securely on web for payment

    Keep on changing your debit card password at a time interval so that even if some website traps your information after the password is change they cannot use it. Call your bank and block payments for those suspicious services. This things are simply done at the time of registration. Many website offer you to add your card details to move ahead and they say things are free. But when you go inside terms and condition you will find the actual catch. The service is free for sometime. But after a few months you will have to pay. They do not send any notification. All payment gateway use a visa verification. When you are on that page then you are at the right direction. Without verifying your password the payment is not initiated. When you think your card is in used contact the bank immediately. I had kept a sms confirmation thing in my device. Whenever a new transaction is done I got a notification and I check that. Staying updated is staying secure. You can avoid extra payments and you can block them for future. Just follow the habit of changing password and do not update any card details on web.

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    Re: How to use Visa Debit Card securely on web for payment

    I am using internet banking. That is more better. Because here you have to login into your bank account to pay money. And the password is never saved. I think compare to paying via debit/credit card paying via internet banking is more safer.

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    Re: How to use Visa Debit Card securely on web for payment

    Most of the shopping website practice a safer way of providing products. Payment gateway's are always secure. Thing you have to do is buy from trusted website only. Do not purchase anything from anyone. Go with trusted sources only. Usually big sites like ebay, amazon more secure and they guarantee you secure transaction. It is right that going with internet banking is more better. Because it is safer. Here there is a limitation of transaction stuff. I am also using debit card and I also use it securely. Changing password is a good choice. But remember that you must make it more stronger. That means using a combination of alphanumeric characters. You can also add special characters in the same. The more complicated it is the more secure it is.

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