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Thread: Improper Billing, Improper Services and Cheated by Tikona Executive

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    Improper Billing, Improper Services and Cheated by Tikona Executive

    Finally after using it for 3 months, i quit Tikona. but in this period I had faced number of problems with this Broadband service starting from my very first month. i would like to mention those here and will recommend users dont even think of using tikona.

    Problem 1: Improper Billing

    My connection was started from 30th March 2012, using Plan ADCB499. I was said by your executive (Mahesh) that i get 8GB free usage @ 2MBS. Now as you can see in the bill above, this bill generated on 7th April 2012. How can i use 8GB in just a week. Though, as i can see in my Session History at selfcare.tikona, am still at just 6GB (30th March to 23rd April). Still i have left 2 GB of my free usage cap. Than what is this Bill about ? Why should i pay 264/- ? What for ?

    Problem 2: Wrong Speed:

    As per Tikona Executive and ADCB499 Plan, i must get speed of 2MBPS, what i get is you can see in the images above. Its the latest image as you can see the date/time in the bottom right corner. I have few earlier screenshots as well where i use to get speed at 0.32mbps (Less than 512). Is it really a 2MPS Connection ?

    Problem 3: Cheated by Executive

    As per the Plan, i should have been charged Rs 1000/- (500/- installation Charge + 500/- Plan rent confirmed with customer care), but this guy took 1200/- Rs. from me. Anyways, i received SMS that says 1100/- has been credited in my tikona account. But, no matter first month charge should 1000/- or 1100/-, why he took 1200/- from me ?

    There are many more problems with the services, but these 3 were major. When i tried to call Mahesh for complaining about services he dint received any calls since he took money from me. I already tried to talk with customer care executives but all those conversations remained useless as they just gave me informations that i already know. They were not able to help me any proper way. Hence, am writing this mail to you higher authorities. Hope you guys can help me for sure.

    It wasn't even a month since i took tikona (as per the bill attached above), I had just used 6GB out of my 8GB free usage cap, already paid 1200/- and need to pay more 264/-.... was it fair ? Though i dint got exactly what i have been said i will get.
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    Re: Improper Billing, Improper Services and Cheated by Tikona Executive

    Thats amazing and funny too. Thanks for sharing dude. BTW you are not alone facing so many problems with Tikona, there are thousands of users across mumbai including me fed up of tikona. Even i was using the the same Plan ADCS499 where i was said to get 2Mbps speed untill 8GB usage and later it will be 256kbps. But i never got more than 450 to 500kps speed in entire 2 months. no matter in day time or night, it use be less than 512. I tried complaining more than 100 times on their customer care but that too useless.

    And the best thing about Tikona customer care is that they provide service only till 10.00PM. That means if you got any problem after 10 in night (usually you face the problem entire day ) you will need to carry your problem until next day morning 10 am.

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    Re: Improper Billing, Improper Services and Cheated by Tikona Executive

    hey guys, count me in as well for saying Tikona Sucks. i was having an unlimited plan of rupess 500 per month. But if we count the total amount of bill i got in my tenure of 4 months, it was around 3750/- where it should not exceed more than 2000 (500 * 4) rupess. isn't it ? i dont know what was the calculation or how these guys calculate the bill though they say it is an unlimited plan. To be frank, i dint paid the 4th month's bill and switched to Hathway. Am too happy with this new ISP as they provide what they say while giving the connection. Even i will like to recommend people never use Tikona unless and until you have any other option.

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