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Thread: Can we use any wifi router with Tikona for internet?

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    Can we use any wifi router with Tikona for internet?

    So anyone has the answer for this? Is there anyone who have tried another router with their Tikona internet connection for wifi? Last week I got Tikona Wibro connection at my place. There is no problem with the current connection but now after I got the connection last night I bought a new laptop for me and now I need to connect even my laptop with the internet connection but unfortunately I cant do it with the one that has been provided to me as there is no wifi enabled in it. There are also some other devices like a smartphone and a tablet. So it would be much better for me if I get a wifi enabled router installed. But I am not getting what exactly should be done. Firstly let me know whether it is possible to install an external router or not? If yes then can I do it by myself or I will have to call them up for the same.

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    Re: Can we use any wifi router with Tikona for internet?

    Even I don’t have any idea what exactly to be done but after reading out your thread I can make out that your knowledge regarding this issue is much poor than me. Let me tell you that even I am in need of same wifi router and also I have a Tikona broadband connection running at my home. As far as I remember when I called up the Tikona Customer Care they told me that it is very much possible for me to install a wifi router but for that I will have to pay them some amount every month or all together in a year. Once if I agree for it they will come at my place and then they will install a wifi router. Now I am very much confused whether should I agree for it or should I not because I am not at all finding it reasonable to pay an amount to them.

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    Re: Can we use any wifi router with Tikona for internet?

    Yes, you are right. It is not at all logical to pay them Rs.75 or above every month if we are using their wiifi enabled router. Although they have given me a clarification for this but I still do not find the reason acceptable. I have a edimax br-6574n Router with me and I am still unable to install it along with the Tikona connection that is running at my home. When I called up Tikona to negotiate for the charger they are applying on using an extra wireless router they told me that installing an external or a personal router is not possible because it uses a dynamic IP address. So therefore I will have to use a wifi router which they will provide and for that I will have to pay them the amount that is mentioned above.

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    Re: Can we use any wifi router with Tikona for internet?

    If you think sensibly all are correct at their place. Obviously if we use our own wifi with Tikona a dynamic IP will be used. But however even the customers are not so rich to pay certain extra amount every month just because they have installed a wifi. If Tikona is providing the wifi then I don’t think they should charge any amount for anything. No Tikona customer is going agree for it. I am sure there is a way out to connect an external wifi router so better you people do not go for installing Tikona’s wifi router. One of my friends says that he is using his personal router with Tikona. Let me confirm everything and let you know.

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    Re: Can we use any wifi router with Tikona for internet?

    Not sure about all the routers but yes it is very much possible for you to install your very own and personally wifi router with Tikona without any problem. I have a Linksys wifi router with me.

    • Firstly make sure that DHCP is enabled in your router as a static IP
    • Now you need to login on your browser or you can also login through a Tikona dialer onto your computer machine
    • Always remember that you do not turn off your router, if you do this the IP and the ID will be left

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    Re: Can we use any wifi router with Tikona for internet?

    I would explain you my own experience of installing my personal router. Yes, I did it successfully and now there is no requirement for me of paying any amount to Tikona.

    • Firstly what I did was connected my LAN cable into the WAN port of my edimax br-6204wlg router
    • Next I set the DHCP by opening up the router config page. If there is not automatic DNS enabled then better you set the value yourself
    • If you want you can also save the MAC id and then that’s it. Save all the changes and then connect your machine through Lan or wifi
    • Open your browser and then Login in using your own Tikona ID.

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