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Thread: Airtel broadband speed upgraded, 4Mbps plan 2099

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    Airtel broadband speed upgraded, 4Mbps plan 2099

    Few days back I applied for airtel broadband 4Mbps plan 2099 with 150GB fair uses policy and then my speed is upgraded. And I am amazed that my upload speed is somewhere near 1Mbps and downloading speed is 4.71Mbps in And In the context of torrents I am not seeing any throttling. I am downloading from demonoid and from other trackers also and I am really getting very good speed around 500kbps. I was not expecting this with airtel as I have seen many complaints against airtel here.

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    Re: Airtel broadband speed upgraded, 4Mbps plan 2099

    It sounds too good. That’s really a good service and that’s also from airtel. Hope this will be with everyone. It’s a nice speed and price is also comparatively decent. I have never experienced such a good service. It will be good if other internet service providers will also follow this lead. I was planning to change my Internet service provider from a while. And now I think it’s the time when I should switch to airtel.

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    Re: Airtel broadband speed upgraded, 4Mbps plan 2099

    I also have an airtel broad connection. But last time when I was using 4Mbps SOD(Speed on demand) then I was not getting that much speed. Last time I was getting around just 2Mbps of speed and after some months they removed the 4Mbps SOD. I stay in Delhi and I don’t think you are from delhi because I haven’t seen such speed in any of my friends computers. And that’s not the case with us, I have seen many people who posted screenshots showing that they are getting only 2Mbps if speed.

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    Re: Airtel broadband speed upgraded, 4Mbps plan 2099

    Airtel’s fair uses policy is looking tight because of direct downgrade to nearly 256Kbps. But the plus point is Airtel is improving its plans from the plans before. And generally Speeds are not the problem most of the time, its their fair usage policy which messes up all. And after viewing your case I think that may be airtel is shaping torrent only on older plans and not doing so in the case of newer plans.

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