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Thread: How to setup German Router through Airtel Broadband

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    How to setup German Router through Airtel Broadband

    I am having some difficulty with setting up the router that my brother bought and it is used in Germany. It is having the option for configuring it for other service providers. I have also searched for this on google but not got the perfect solution to do this. Is there anybody why can guide me with this. I will be very thankful to all the replies. Please reply fast as I can’t live without internet connection.

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    Re: How to setup German Router through Airtel Broadband

    The best way get the answer for your question id to contact the Airtel service persons and they will tell you the exact instructions to do that. If I am facing any of the problems with this then I do the same and 90 % of the times, I get the solution. So, I am sure that you will also get the way to do that from them. They are the people who are expert in that so it will be better to ask them first before trying with your own mind.

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    Re: How to setup German Router through Airtel Broadband

    Thank you for your suggestion but I have already tried to contact them to know the answer but they replies that they don’t know the German. But I am sure that there is no difference in the standard terms whether it is in English or German. I also tried to assist them by translating that but it was of no use. I know that this is the first thing to do and as I have already tried with that and not got the answer so posting it over here.

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    Re: How to setup German Router through Airtel Broadband

    As far as I know that there are all the thing normal but the most primary thing that you should consider is the way to setting a Adsl line as vpi/vpc 1/35 for Airtel. This is the only thing that I can say about this now. I hope that someone will reply with some more explanatory answer for this that can help you to do the setup properly. And why don’t you ask this to your brother who bought this and used in Germany. He might know the settings for this.

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    Re: How to setup German Router through Airtel Broadband

    There is nothing to do with the proxy/registrar STUN server with the PPPoE. I think that Airtel people are confused with that. If you are having the ATA plus router then you will not require to configure any of the settings to connecbt to the internet. All you have to do is to put the VPI/VCI values of 1,32 within the DSL settings along with the username and password and that will connect you to the internet without any problem.

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    Re: How to setup German Router through Airtel Broadband

    Modifying the ATM settings (that is, the VPI/VCI et cetera) is NOT effectively feasible in this model of router unpaid to it being an OEM model for T-Communications. As a matter of fact, this is reasonably regular with OEM hardware. The only possible method for this is to overwrite the router's firmware that is past most people felt in spite of the fact that the locale I've connected to has some feasible directions assuming that you could probably comprehend a touch of German.

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