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Thread: is it a good idea to switch from vodafone to airtel service provider

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    is it a good idea to switch from vodafone to airtel service provider

    Hello guys, I am in a bit confusion regarding the service provider for my mobile, I am using airtel service provider since two years back. Since their connectivity is good but the SMS package that they provide is very expensive, also the internet browsing charge is good, it is around 30P/50KB.but as they have revised the plan the plan in that they have change the plan for the browsing in the internet, and now it is very expensive when compared to other service provider, also many of my friends and relatives have Vodafone connectivity so because of that the calling charge goes higher than the above. Also I tried for MTNL but no idea about their network coverage, so can you advice me to which service provider to use as I want to change my service provider.

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    Re: is it a good idea to switch from vodafone to airtel service provider

    Hi there, I will strongly recommend you to go with vodafone, they provide all the services at any combination of the service that the user want to use, they do not force the user to use the services which they do not want to use, also the network cover of vodafone was not that good in the previous stage, but now it has improved a lot and they have most of the customers and they seem to be happy with the services they are getting from it. Also the call rate of the vodafone is much cheaper and they provide a lot of various schemes for the same network and the other network people too.

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    Re: is it a good idea to switch from vodafone to airtel service provider

    Hi, according to me do not go for the MTNL, as the network of it is very bad, most of the time the signal is so low that you have to try at least five time to connect to the user, also the voice quality that the network provide is not that good, it is a government company and they will by default provide you with low quality services, so I prefer for going with vodafone. Also in some area MTNL network is not been present only but this is not the case with vodafone, yes it was before but now it has been resolved. I have seen in airtel that the value of the service keep on changing depending upon the location and the state it is present.

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    Re: is it a good idea to switch from vodafone to airtel service provider

    In today world, the possibility of changing the services by keeping the same number is possible, it is seen that many people is happy with the services that the vodafone people are providing, according to me they have the services with all the low rate offer for all the type of services right from SMS pack till the international calling reduced rate. Also the GPRS connectivity is reliable and also very cheap when compared to the other service providers, since the people chooses the services according to the usage purpose, they tend to take that kind of services they want, so it is on you on what basis of the services you want.

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    Re: is it a good idea to switch from vodafone to airtel service provider

    According to the new figures that were released it said that the number of the people that are using the vodafone number and the services are around 1.9 lakh, also many of the people go for reliance for better connectivity and low rate of the mobile handset that they provide, now a days they also with the gsm connectivity, the only thing good about them is connectivity issue that they provide throughout India, also vodafone give the internet connection at 10P/10KB which is good when compared with the others

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