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Thread: MTNL Triband gets disconnected frequently

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    MTNL Triband gets disconnected frequently

    I am using a D-Link 502-T ADSL Modem from last couple of years along with the 512 kbps Unlimited plan. I have configured this DLink modem on bridge mode. Since last week I have faced many disconnections on my internet connection. Whenever I am connecting to my Triband then it works great for initial 15 minutes then don't know what happens to it, just gets disconnected. I have noticed that when my connection gets disconnected then my ADSL light is steady and not blinking. What could be the problem here?

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    Re: MTNL Triband gets disconnected frequently

    I think there would be something wrong with the modem that you are using on your machine. I suggest you to try switching OFF your modem and then switch ON it again. I know that your internet connecting would be working fine for first 15 minutes but as you have done reset on your modem then it might not get down even after 15 minutes. Just check it out!

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    Re: MTNL Triband gets disconnected frequently

    I have tried this thing many time which does not seems to be working with my modem as there is something else that is tweaking up my internet connection. I have tried rebooting all the devices which is not solving this problem. Is there somebody who have seen any such issue with the triband connection as they must be knowing that what I am going through these days, Please help me guys! I cannot live without an internet connection.

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    Re: MTNL Triband gets disconnected frequently

    AS you said that the ADSL light stay on and not blinking then it seems like your modem is getting hanged due to which your internet connection does not stay connected. I suggest you to check that your modem is able to do port forwarding properly or not. Port forwarding has been seen the main problem for frequent dropping of an internet connection. If not then there are chances that your modem need to be repaired if possible or you may just try using some other modem on the same machine to check that it work in the same way or works fine.

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    Re: MTNL Triband gets disconnected frequently

    There could be some kind of virus on your machine which might be affecting your internet connection after 15 minutes since you get connected. I don't have any idea that what could be an issue and which virus can do this but if it would be affecting your browser then you can check about the same by using some other browser on your machine and then check that problem gets solved or not. If not then it might be some script on your machine which may have infected your machine. You can check about this issue by disabling all the types the firewalls.

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