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Thread: Reliance Broadband is disconnecting when machine is on battery mode

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    Reliance Broadband is disconnecting when machine is on battery mode

    Hi all, I am using Reliance wired Broadband connection, with suitable plan, which is fulfilling my requirements according to the needed. I used to connect broadband connection in my Dell inspiron laptop, this is running with windows vista OS, the machine was also working fine till the last few days. But from last night there is problem in my machine, the problem is that, the internet connect disconnects in every 10 minute, along with that also the browser application crashed. I can’t understand whether it is for the broadband connection or any problem in my laptop. So I am here for getting some information regarding this issue. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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    Re: Reliance Broadband is disconnecting when machine is on battery mode

    According to me regarding this problem I think the problem is occurring for your machine, go to the properties of your machine by right click on desktop screen. From there go to personalize, now from there look for display setting option. Click on it and change the idle mode, make it do nothing option. Do this for both in plugged in and on battery mode. I think after this, from now whenever your machine is gone to the idle mode, and then it will not disconnect when the machine is in battery mode.

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    Re: Reliance Broadband is disconnecting when machine is on battery mode

    About the web browser problem that you mentioned, I don’t think this is connected with the internet connection. If there is any issue in your internet connection, then this will not hamper the web browser application. So about this, I suggest you to reload the application program in your machine, for that first remove existing browser application and along with this also remove the other file those are collaborating with your machine windows file. Now run the installation program , by following some of the instructions load the browser application in your machine. And about the internet disconnecting problem I suggest you to consult with your broadband service provider.

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    Re: Reliance Broadband is disconnecting when machine is on battery mode

    Did you checked your broadband router driver, whether this working fine or not? Because I was also facing similar issue in my BSNL broadband connectivity. This was also disconnects frequently. Then I simply contact with the service provider, and they said that there is no problem in the connectivity. After that, by the suggestion of one of my friend I simply reload the network driver in my machine. And the problem is solved. it was corrupted. So I also like to recommend you to try once by reload the driver application in your machine. For that enter into device manager and from there look for the driver application program, now right click on it and choose update option, now from your machine or from other location browse the installation program, and click on update button. This will update the driver application program. I hope by this you will surely get some help to overcome from the problem that you mentioned.

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