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Thread: Need a Pay as you use plan

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    Need a Pay as you use plan

    Recently I have purchased a new Nokia E63 cell phone I am currently a Vodafone subscriber and I wanted to know whether there is a plan in Vodafone which allows me to pay as I use. Even I would not mind to changing my service providers since I am not satisfied with my Vodafone services which I am getting. Please suggest me a plan for gprs which I have to pay according to my usage. Also tell me from when I can subscribe to 3g plan and is it worth

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    Re: Need a Pay as you use plan

    I think it will be better to get an Airtel plan since I am using it and I am using the same cellphone too. I have subscribed to a GPRS plan which is charging me 98 INR and I am getting 2GB internet access absolutely free. After which I am charged 10p for every 30kb. There are plans in airtel which allows you the flexibility to get a pay as you use plan. I think you should try to visit the customer care near by your locality. You will surely get a plan of your choice.

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    Re: Need a Pay as you use plan

    Try to call the Vodafone customer care and ask them whether there is a plan for you as you have mentioned here in the above question. I think that you will definitely get a plan. If you are very much concerned about the gprs and you have to be logged in to your email 24 X 7 then it will be wise to go for a new blackberry phone with the blackberry services. Since BlackBerry Phones support various email clients and you will definitely get a very good services too.

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    Re: Need a Pay as you use plan

    Being in the 3G network on the phone when making a connection will be an additional mode of connection mode "video" by selecting this option much more expensive pay for video conversation. If you do not use this mode, it is best to turn off the 3G network since it consumes much less battery. Video mode is the only one of many features and enhancements of 3G networks, among other things can be better with voice and SMS encryption, should be better call quality (but, unfortunately, is worse than in Poland because of the very small number of transmitters and thus the frequent switching of August phone between bands, and during the ride usually ends up range and scope of this ends the conversation.)

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    Re: Need a Pay as you use plan

    E is EDGE, expanding the GSM standard (such as higher speed, probably to 384KB / s, offering GSM 9.6 kb / s). 3G is a network of third-generation, or UMTS (GSM network was the second generation, the first generation was analog, such as whether the U.S. AMPS NMT). Does not pay the higher price, only the connection speed is higher (up to 7.2 Mbps), so as counts for each downloaded 100kB descend faster money with the card. For example, when watching videos on YouTube a few moments and already downloaded the movie, and leaves tens of MB of transfer.

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