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Thread: UMTS vs HSDPA

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    Hello everyone. I was wondering what is the difference in speed between UMTS and HSDPA? Some time before my mobile was reporting as HSDPA and now it reports as UMTS. Whether there is a RAM or a ROM problem which determines the mobile network type which is reported in the Settings > About Phone > Status menu. If anyone has some answers for this questio it would be appreciated. Thank you

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    Re: 3g vs HSDPA

    HSDPA is an evolution of UMTS mobile phone standards and stands for High Speed Downlink Packet Access. HSDPA scores mainly due to its relatively high data transfer rate. This fact may offer up to 7.2 Mbit/s transfer and allows the reception of modern Internet applications, such as IPTV (television over Internet) or online gaming. And without the hassle of interruptions or the annoying jerkiness of the images. In the near future, HSDPA can reach a data transmission rate in the download area of up to 28.8 Mbit/s (later even 42.2 Mbit/s).

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    The UMTS is nothing but just a regular 3G. It will usually have a maximum download speed of 384Kbps. On the other hand, the HSPDA is a 3.75G and could also have a download speed of 14.14Mbps. So, you can see for yourself that UMTS is way to slower compared to the HSDPA.

    UMTS is also used among other things for the following services:
    - Interpersonal communication (audio and video telephony)
    - Intelligence services (unified messaging, video voice mail, chat)
    - Dissemination of information (Internet access, such as World Wide Web browsing, information services, public services)
    - Location-based services (personal navigation, driver support)
    - Business Services (process management, mobility in confined spaces)
    - Ground services (banking, e-commerce, monitoring, consulting services)
    - Return channel for interactive mobile TV, IP Data Cast, DVB-H

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    HSDPA stands for High Speed Downlink Packet Access and is marketed under the names of 5G, 3G and UMTS Broadband. HSDPA achieves download speeds of up to 14.6 megabits, and is, therefore, for the speedy carryin suited for example for downloading games or movies. HSDPA is used for the same services as the older and slower UMTS, but with the new technology it is much better with download rates which can be achieved. For this reason, the new technique is also perfectly suited for the mobile Internet.

    UMTS services is already offered on a variety. Some of these include the audio and video telephony, various messaging services such as chat or unified messaging, as well as location-based services such as navigation or driver assistance systems. The UMTS standard was, according to the BITKOM in 2007, approximately 10.5 million customers in the Federal Republic of used.

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