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Thread: Idea 3g data card plans

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    Idea 3g data card plans

    I have recently bought a new computer system on which I am using Windows XP operating system. Now I am planning to buy an Idea Data Card for this desktop computer system as I have heard that the Idea Data Card gives an amazing speed of an internet. I just want to know some Idea Data Card plans so that I can decide which should I buy for my system.

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    Re: Idea 3g data card plans

    I am using an Idea Data Card which is a fun to use as there is no disconnecting problem on my windows laptop. I have bought a Idea Net Setter for 299 which has monthly rental of Rs. 299/-. In this data card, you would be getting free usage of 512 Mb and then further usage would be charged as Rs. 2/mb. This data card has special offer in which you would be getting free usage of 1Gb for first three billing cycles. I suggest you to buy this data card if you are not gonna use much internet from your windows system.

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    Re: Idea 3g data card plans

    If you are searching for an Idea Data Card with bit more free usage then you should buy a Idea Net Setter 399 which has monthly rental of Rs. 399/-. With this data card, you would be getting free usage of 1 Gb and special offer would be containing 2 Gb of free usage for first three months. This data card has been sold for the most of the people who uses an internet at their home. I think instead of buying Net Setter of 299, It is worth to get the double the free usage by just paying more Rs. 100/-.

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    Re: Idea 3g data card plans

    One more Idea Net Setter is of Rs. 849/-, My favorite data card as I used to download many songs and videos which is my hobby and for which I have bought this data card. This data card has no limit for usage and there won't be any limitations on download as well. And there is a special offer for this data card too which saves your almost half of the money. You just need to pay Rs. 500/- only for first three months and then rental of Rs. 849/- would be charged for the further months.

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    Re: Idea 3g data card plans

    In the previous posts, You have got all the Idea Net Setter cards with their monthly rentals but the no posts contains the cost to buy the data card. Actually Idea Net Setter will cost you about Rs. 2500/- then for next three months, you would be getting offer to pay some less amount of rental. Idea data cards provides download Speed up to 3.6 Mbps and an upload speed up to 1.8 Mbps.

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    Re: Idea 3g data card plans

    Idea net setter data card does not need any kind of Cd installation. It is just like plug and play device which can provide you internet access anywhere at anytime. It comes along with the SIM-lock function and global roaming due to which you can use this data card anywhere over globe. Apart from these services, It has Data and SMS capabilities, SMS services (group sending and editing the extra-long messages) and compatibility for GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850 MHz/900 MHz/1800 MHz/1900 MHz.

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