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Thread: Can I use Airtel modem with Reliance Broadband

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    Can I use Airtel modem with Reliance Broadband

    I was using Airtel connection but I am planning to get Reliance Broadband connection with 300 kbps plan. I have taken the connection from reliance and facing the Internet disconnect several times during day for several minutes. I am facing frequent issue with Reliance connection.I think the problem is with the Reliance modem. I am having my airtel modem so I am wondering if I can use it with this Reliance connection. If you have any idea about this please let me know? Reliance modem is INNOMEDIA and airtel modem is from Beetel 220X. Thank in Advance for your valuable suggestion your effort would be appreciated.

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    Re: Can I use Airtel modem with Reliance Broadband

    I even got the same issue of Internet getting disconnected several times. So I have used my Reliance Broadband connection without modem and put Rj-45 direct in mu computer and this works for me. Now my Reliance Broadband works fine without any disconnection issue for last three months and do not have any problem with my Reliance connection.
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    Re: Can I use Airtel modem with Reliance Broadband

    I got my Beetel 420TC modem with wifi provided by Airtel working fine with Reliance Broadband connection. Wifi is working great but only the issue is I want to connect two computer to use the Internet . I have get the right IP address and DNS and other settings but for some of the reason the second computer is not working. I can connect using first computer but when try to connect to Internet using second one it gives error. I am still searching on this to get my second computer working but if any one of you have any solution to this problem please let me know. NAT is enabled.
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    Re: Can I use Airtel modem with Reliance Broadband

    You can use any ADSL modem with Reliance Broadband connection or with any other ISPs. Keep in mind for Airtel VPI and VCI is 1 and 32 respectively. And the user ID an password is same as usual. DNS might change and use openDNS as and You can use your airtel modem with Reliance Broadband connection.
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    Re: Can I use Airtel modem with Reliance Broadband

    Recently I have shifted from Airtel to Reliance Broadband and using my Reliance Broadband connection from last five months and I have not faced even a single minute of downtime in last five months.I am using Wimax and metro Ethernet simultaneously and both of them are really working fine. Hope that this will continue to work in same way.

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