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Thread: Tata Indicom Broadband: 4Mbps add-on status and reactivation

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    Tata Indicom Broadband: 4Mbps add-on status and reactivation

    Tata broadband service altered their My Account zone in mid-august and after that no way to enable/disable the day Unlimited add-on online. Also, to check the position of NU, I have had to examination it manually, by logging in for a few seconds, within the 9AM-9PM window, and then examination the usage logs. Can s anyone on the 4Mbps or 2Mbps plans have new experience with enabling or disabling NU? Please help.

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    Re: Tata Indicom Broadband: 4Mbps add-on status and reactivation

    At that time, Your reliability was about to run out and you are not sure if this was just a UI screw-up or if Tata was discontinue the NU add-on. You need to called the regional nodal officer and a staff member certain me that NU was immobile available. Dial Up Internet be by no means available in so many good-looking product options before!!! So go ahead and decide from our Hourly, Unlimited or Postpaid Dial Up plans and waves the Internet as per your browsing wants. Our brief plan metaphors below allow you to select the plan most suited for you.

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    Re: Tata Indicom Broadband: 4Mbps add-on status and reactivation

    Currently, the definition of broadband as per the Indian government’s ruling is 256kbps and above. This means that an ISP can offer packages of 256kbps labeled as broadband. This was made a requirement a couple of years ago. Times have changed and the ruling has to be updated. TRAI said that other countries are already touching speeds of 20mbps and more. India has to catch-up to stay competition at a global level. An industry representative was not happy with these developments. He said: “We do not think it is feasible to move from 256 kbps to 2Mbps in one shot. If at all the definition has to be revised then they should move to 512kbps, otherwise it will be too costly for both operators and subscribers

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    Re: Tata Indicom Broadband: 4Mbps add-on status and reactivation

    I also feel what you could have gone through, I had a alike knowledge after I bought their 'plug to surf whiz' internet connection for pc n laptop. While I was buying they said, the speed offered was better than reliance n all. When I started using it, i come to identify what speed they were talking about. I feel like weeping using this device to connector net. Please anyone who reads this, do not yet buy a tata connection for net n tell others too.

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    Re: Tata Indicom Broadband: 4Mbps add-on status and reactivation

    After 3 weeks of practice and slow disappointment, I got a call now from a Tata Indicom rep who said that I was "over my 1.5GB" plan and would be thrilling Rs.2 per MB thereafter. When I asked to speak with her supervisor, the line was cut off and no one called me afterward. The reply who had overflowing out most of my order form in writing claim that I had ask for the 1.5GB plan which costs Rs.900/month, whereas I had really ask for the 5GB plan for Rs.1500/mth. He said that in the after that billing cycle my plan would be promoted, but I’ll be stuck with a bill much bigger than Rs. 2500.

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    Re: Tata Indicom Broadband: 4Mbps add-on status and reactivation

    Now I was sure that with the slow pace of this modem, and also what I’d downloaded during the month, that I hadn’t even reach 2 or 3 GB from November 8th to Dec. 8th, hence why is my association shut off? It had certainly been disabled on their end by 8th Dec., a couple of days after that call. They had a recognition limit of Rs.3000 on my acct. and I had exceeded that. I tell her to see how a great deal data I had transferred and then see if that even reached what I was paying for (5GB) anyway on my service plan. She said she didn’t contain that information. I demanded my rights as a customer to NOT be inconvenience like this just because they didn’t see what service plan I was on before unkindly turning off my connection! They of all people should comprehend how important an internet connection is for equally personal and professional life.

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