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Thread: Huawei EC 1262 modem-Driver installation failure in Win7x64

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    Huawei EC 1262 modem-Driver installation failure in Win7x64

    Can anyone give some idea on how to effectively install the driver for EC 1262 (new model with similar drivers of 1262) on Win 7 x64? Also, following this failure the Windows will not shutdown and have to firm reboot it. This device at what time linked to WinXP works fine. Any help will be extremely appreciated. I also found the alternate way what I have complete is uninstalled the software and usb driver and rebooted my PC. I Installed virtual VMware XP in windows 7 and plugged the device it got notice in Virtual XP, so another time disconnected from VMware tool list. Can anybody have some idea? Please suggest.

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    Re: Huawei EC 1262 modem-Driver installation failure in Win7x64

    You need to try uninstalling the driver just like and then try alter automated driver installation settings. Go to Start>Right click Computer and choose Properties>Advanced System setting on the upper left hand side>Hardware tab>Windows Update Driver Settings.Choose the "Ask me each time.'"setting, click OK and apply. Reboot the system.

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    Re: Huawei EC 1262 modem-Driver installation failure in Win7x64

    Upgrade to Lucid has destined a number of issue but the the majority annoying was that plug in his Huawei E220 USB 3G modem was only from time to time detected (every other time it’s just a USB CD and USB memory stick). …Ubuntu does not hold up CAPITEL 3G USB modem by default. The reason is the modem is detect as a USB storage device by ubuntu. To treat this modem as a serial device required lots of hack and requisite further change of installing BSNL 3G USB modem in Ubuntu 9.10.

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    Re: Huawei EC 1262 modem-Driver installation failure in Win7x64

    I try to employ my mf 636 usb 3g modem on my ubuntu 10.10 and I see it worked perfectly. Then choose your Billing plan and click Forward. Then lastly Click on Apply to save setting. It will attach you to the Internet. Enjoy, obstacle free Internet connectivity on ubuntu by USB Modem (Huawei E1550). …Technology, Open thoughts, Community & Education. This is not necessary in Ubuntu so we just require to build sure the modem skips that first stage. It’s a very easy fix actually but resolve engross getting an internet connection from end to end another means first i.e. home internet, wifi at a cafe.

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    Re: Huawei EC 1262 modem-Driver installation failure in Win7x64

    Are you single of those users by an MF636DB USB 3G modem from Orange, and you want to build it run under Ubuntu OS? LTS codenamed “Lucid Lynx” detect, configure and fit Huawei EC1262 usb modem used by Reliance Netconenct Broadband+. That be supposed to also apply to a variety of other similar devices used by Tata . It only mechanism on 3G networks. unluckily Reliance is a CDMA network. I guess you have to get the additional product which supports CDMA and WCDMA.

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    Re: Huawei EC 1262 modem-Driver installation failure in Win7x64

    There was some sort of clash with other hardware/drivers. I'll explain this as it may help others. Spoke with an engineer at Huawei place of work directly and he optional it was a USB port issue as everything else seemed OK. I went to Device drivers in config and tried changing the property of the USB Mass Storage device that be showing - as it didn’t recognize it as a modem. I had also unoriginal the 4 drivers for Huawei device onto this laptop via my other CPU (that one had loaded OK first time while USB modem plugged in). Huawei engineer suggested I just copy the whole folder from USB modem. After fixing with modem/mass storage property to try and get it to reload/recognise the Huawei something happened and it worked. Sorry I can’t remember closely what - it was late! seem to pick up the fresh USB as the modem.

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    Re: Huawei EC 1262 modem-Driver installation failure in Win7x64

    You need to tried nearly everything to get the modem to work. After have read your post in this forum I went into the device manager and looked on USB devices. There was one pasturage unit. I delete it, unpluged the modem and after that repluged it again. After a short as new kind of devices started popping up in installation. When it was over with the installation the modem worked fine. It is only one thing. I've install this modem on one more computer as well. The installation on that computer where a bit different, it was more normal with fitting shield and so on. On the trouble computer I copied in everything from the memory in the modem to the hard drive. Then I made a shortcut of the autorun.exe on the desktop by myself. It worked now.

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