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Thread: Videocon D2H- Intallation and Tuning FTA Channels

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    Videocon D2H- Intallation and Tuning FTA Channels

    I need a guide to watch FTA Channels on Videocon D2H. The TRAI regulations under which the DTH licenses need that the STB be of unbolt standards and should not be blocked and be permissible to vision the services of any other operator or services of Doordarshan after the end of subscription period, Unless it is given below a rental plan or the customer has money due to the operator. We know from skill that none of the other operator really follow this rule and do the full thing possible to stop the customer from management anything by overcrowding the STB's. Please help.

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    Re: Videocon D2H- Intallation and Tuning FTA Channels

    D2H gives you good bill for your STB on acquire, I was astounded to see the box actually working without insert the card, It asks for the card only when it find a scrambled channel , So decided to connect it to my DD-Direct+ dish and gave it a go, All i desirable was to go to the Box settings-satellite management menu and add a satellite, It was nice-looking easy, Just click the Add satellite button and this screen comes up.

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    Re: Videocon D2H- Intallation and Tuning FTA Channels

    You need to some mathematics for adding c-band channels , The box has no autoscan feature, Also select the lnb type as c-band, makes no difference, The box is not designed to scan the c-band IF range or it has some software bug, stopping it from scanning c-band Tps. So the old tried and tested method, wants to be used, Let us say we want to add Luxe-tv from Asiasat-5 , one of my favorite channels,
    Well the frequencies to add is
    TP – 4000
    SR – 28125

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    Re: Videocon D2H- Intallation and Tuning FTA Channels

    You need to add these values after selecting the LNB type as c-band won’t bring any signal, But do this if you wish for to add this channel. First subtract the TP frequency from 5150, I.E the lo frequency of c-band, you get
    5150 -4000 = 1150
    Now add this value to 9750, ie 9750 + 1150 = 10900
    Now select LNB type as universal and add this value as TP frequency, Just that since the box fails to do high side injection for c-band and find IF values.

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    Re: Videocon D2H- Intallation and Tuning FTA Channels

    Check Airtel and Videocon were offering more or less the same package- Economy package by Airtel and Gold Sports package by D2H was extra or less competitive. I am referring to these packages because they tender all the channels that I watch. Only disadvantage with Airtel was they don't have sports channels which videocon D2H was contribution.

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