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Thread: Tata indicom broadband speed test

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    Tata indicom broadband speed test

    Do you think what my Tata indicom broadband Internet provider claim as the speed is the real speed of the internet you are clever to download? It is forever lesser that what is stated. You have 3rd party customers which can show you how speed you can upload or download data in your computer with your detailed internet provider. I want to few bandwidth speed test meters where i can check the upload and download stats and other stats too. Please help.

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    Re: Tata indicom broadband speed test

    Tata Photon plus come in two variants. USB modem type and Router. USB modem type is the preferred option for Laptop and Desktop users. Wireless router is best suited for small organization or those who want to access internet from multiple computers at the sametime. In order to employ the wireless router, you must have wireless Dong lest of desktop.

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    Re: Tata indicom broadband speed test

    We were actually surprised with the speed. We got an average download speed of 1.5 Mb/s and Upload speed of 0.44 Mb/s on a usual basis. 25 MB of data file took me 3.10 minutes to download and 4.9 MB music file took 2.45 minutes to upload. Infect we tried downloading the beta version of upcoming Microsoft’s Operating system, which is of 2.36 GB, took 5 hrs approximately. However the connection speed is totally depending on multiple factors like the access area’s distance from the tower, time of the day, number of simultaneous users.

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    Re: Tata indicom broadband speed test

    Tata Indicom USB photon device comes at a cost of Rs. 3500. This charge take in the USB modem charges and the fitting. Tata Indicom has more diagram options than the competitors, however the absence of any limitless plan actually restricts power users to move for Hi-Speed broadband. Photon Plus starts from Rs. 250 and extends upto Rs. 1500. Tata Photon plus has both Time bound and Data jump plan options. Rs. 1500 plan allows upto 15 GB of upload + download and yes, it is the maximum.

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    Re: Tata indicom broadband speed test

    Tata Indicom Photon Plus offers an outstanding broadband speed. It covers main cities in India and the speeds are steady as on the move too. But it covers only major Tier-I cities and North eastern region, where set line network is not possible as of now. Tata Indicom has to forcefully expand and increase the coverage regions. Also, Watching streaming videos, Browsing rich websites and Downloading in seconds are the main priority for any power user to switch to High speed broadband service.

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