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Thread: How To Pay Tata Photon Plus Bill

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    How To Pay Tata Photon Plus Bill

    I am a Tata Photon Plus Customer. I want to know how can pay my Tata Photon Plus Bill just from my desktop or laptop or offline pay? can Tata Indicom provide online bill payment facility for Tata Photon Plus Customer? Any idea? Please suggest. I have own my Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How To Pay Tata Photon Plus Bill

    there are simple steps to make an Instant Payment, Go them -
    # Enter your Tata Indicom Phone No or Account No and click on PAY'.
    # Verify your account details and outstanding amount.
    # Enter the amount you wish to pay and select the payment option.

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    Re: How To Pay Tata Photon Plus Bill

    You can pay your Tata Photon Plus Bill get easier than ever before. All you need is your finger and your credit card, debit card and net banking
    For One time registration
    • Post-paid subscribers: SMS ‘PAY TATA’ to 59909
    To pay your postpaid TATA Mobile bills on your phone
    • SMS ‘PAY TATA’ to 59909
    To pay other postpaid TATA Mobile bills from your phone
    • SMS ‘PAY TATA <AMT> <MOBILE NUMBER>’ to 59909

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    Re: How To Pay Tata Photon Plus Bill

    You can also use auto pay facility: You need to Register for the service and set up the Standing Instruction on your bank account / credit card. You can register for the service through any of the following options: You need to download the form, print, complete and return it as indicated on the form or You can also pick up the form at any Tata Indicom Gallery, complete and return it as indicated on the form. On receipt of your duly completed and verified form, your Auto Pay facility will be activated within 14 working days.

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    Re: How To Pay Tata Photon Plus Bill

    TataIndicom allows you to pay your bills online using your credit card or using your net banking account. Check the procedure. Logon to, click on the My Account option, choose the Pay Bill option. Enter the amount and choose the payment option: Enter the amount of your pay and select the online payment option, either credit card or net banking. For your expediency, the last bill amount is displayed. Once completed will be shown a confirmation page. But one pointis noted down that only VISA and MasterCard credit cards are accepted.

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    Re: How To Pay Tata Photon Plus Bill

    There are number of options by which you can pay that. It can be online, or just by visiting any nearby Tata gallery. Go on the official website you can find number of options there. Choose anyone if you have a credit you can simply pay that online. I use local shops where they charge a small amount to pay the bill online. That is quiet convenient . You can also go with the cheque facility.

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    Re: How To Pay Tata Photon Plus Bill

    There are around 8 options available on official site to pay Tata Photon Bill. They are, first by My Account. You need to create a account on and pay through there. Second options is by Install Bill Pay or Ebill Pay. You can use your credit card or internet banking here. Third you can go with Auto Debit method where your bill is debited directly in your bank account. Fourth is by visiting any bill pay center in your area. Fifth by dropping a cheque in cheque box. You can find the information about that on its site. Sixth you can choose the option by paying through a mobile phone. Seventh you can us Suvidhaa Point and Last one is by Oxigen Billpay service.

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