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Thread: Broadband Getting Disconnected Frequently During Night Time

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    Broadband Getting Disconnected Frequently During Night Time

    I am having 512kbps unlimited BSNL Broadband connection and i am using DLink 502T modem. During day time also there is disconnection but not so frequent as compare to night. During night disconnections happen frequently more often after every five minutes it get disconnected. I am having DELL laptop with windows vista installed. In case if some one thinking about virus activities i have AVG Anti-virus. Does any one has any solution to solve my problem? Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Broadband Getting Disconnected Frequently During Night Time

    I think your line might have some noise. Have you noticed any noise or any disturbance sound when you pick up your receiver. This may be a server issue.Have you checked the SNR and attenuation values for GLB-502T. Are this values are normal. Please check it first and if you are getting noise then you need to contact your service provider to solve your problem.

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    Re: Broadband Getting Disconnected Frequently During Night Time

    I am facing an strange problem with my BSNL service, there is frequent disconnection during day time and during night time the disconnection occur every five minute. I am in Noida, i would like to know if someone else is having this issue in Noida. Will you please tell me how to find SNR and attenuation values?Please provide with the necessary information as soon as possible. Your effort will be appreciated.
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    Re: Broadband Getting Disconnected Frequently During Night Time

    Follow this instruction to get snr and attenuation values:
    1. Enter the following address in Internet explorer (Login page will appear)
    2.Enter username and password as admin.
    3.D-link welcome page appear
    4.Click on Status/Modem status
    5. Search ADSL statistics and you will find
    SNR Margin :
    Attenuation :
    Output Power :
    Attainable Rate :
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    Re: Broadband Getting Disconnected Frequently During Night Time

    If you are having some noise than you need to call BSNL Exchange to repair your telephone line. Try to test this process at the time when you are getting frequent disconnection. I am in Mumbai and using BSNL and I can say that there is no plan from BSNL to restrict the download size. If it is possible than post your ADSL status at the time when your modem is frequently disconnected.

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    Re: Broadband Getting Disconnected Frequently During Night Time

    When I perform what you said I am getting something similar what you said.
    Below is the list what I got.
    Connection Status: Connected
    DS Line attenuation:14
    US Line Attenuation:74
    US Margin 9
    DS Margin 7
    DSL Statistics
    Near End F4 Loop Back Count 0
    Near End F5 Loop Back Count 0

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