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Thread: Airtel DTH STB Eating My Display

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    Airtel DTH STB Eating My Display

    Recently i have purchased Airtel DTH services but to my surprise i have been shocked when i just put on my Television after a week and it works for only 5-7 minutes then all my display is eaten up by the airtel set top box. That is no display on the television. can anyone tell me what actually is the problem. Need help

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    Re: Airtel DTH STB Eating My Display

    It appears as your system or Set top box gets hunged . it happens quiet a few times within a month so not to worry about the same you simply need to remove the card from the set top box then rub the card on a cotton cloth then again place it in the slot this should solve your television display problems definitely.
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    Re: Airtel DTH STB Eating My Display

    Before applying any of your technical knowledge i would advice you to go and call the customer care since they will guide you in this matter.

    Suppose by mistake if you do something which should not have been done. Or doing it may harm your warranty of the device. So i think that calling the customer care is a very good option.

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    Re: Airtel DTH STB Eating My Display

    Most probably this problem is due to your television display i think you need to get your television display repaired. Since it does not seems to be working properly. simply cal the company tech engineer explain the problem he will rectify the problem which you are facing. I hope that this will help you to get rid of this problem.
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    Re: Airtel DTH STB Eating My Display

    it would be better if you subscribe to another services like dish TV or tatasky. i would suggest Dish TV since it provides exceptional digital and direct to home transmission ensures you watch all the channels which you like that too in pure DVD quality. It also provides stereophonic sounds as well as a lot of other features.
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    Re: Airtel DTH STB Eating My Display

    It appears as you are having some problem with your set top box and hence i would advice you to call the technical support and get your problem solved. I have heard a lot of these kind of cases finally to solve this issue these set top boxes have been replaced with a new one by the company technicians might be in your case too.

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    Re: Airtel DTH STB Eating My Display

    This is one of the common problem with the Airtel digial TV. To resolve this problem you will have to call the airtel customer care and then a tech engineer will caomto your place and finally he will rectify the mistake anyways you will be charged for that partiular stuff. As far as i am aware you will be charged about 250 INR.

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