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Thread: How to use Datafox in MTNL Triband

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    How to use Datafox in MTNL Triband

    Hi all,

    I am using MTNL triband service for internet in india. I am using Mozilla Firefox as a internet browser. I heard that DataFox is an firefox extension program that easy to use, cross platform which we can use to monitor our MTNL TriBand bandwidth usage. Can anybody have any idea about how to use them. Please suggest.

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    How to use Datafox in MTNL Triband

    DataFox is non-intrusive and does not watch your network activity, it just find the information from the BSNL / MTNL websites. The composed info is exhibit in your Firefox status bar area and extra info is displayed in a tooltip. The latest version is DataFox 1.4 which workings with BSNL's new portal.
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    How to use Datafox in MTNL Triband

    Let us suppose you have 6000MB of move for the month, and you're in the month of June It will calculate that you have 6000/30 = 200MiB of move available per day. This way, on the 1st of the month, you're allowable 1*TPD = 200MiB, on the 5th of the month, your custom could go upto 5*TPD = 1000MiB and you'd still be within limits. Allowed Transfer = date * TPD Surplus Transfer = Allowed Transfer - Chargeable Transfer that chargeable relocate is the actual bandwidth that is trace by your ISP and take away from your bandwidth cap.
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    Re: How to use Datafox in MTNL Triband

    DataFox offer a few variables allowing users to customize the text present as a tooltip and on the statusbar . outside simple replacement of variables for their values, after the substitution, DataFox attempts to "eval" the resulting string as if it were a morsel of Javascript. If this results in a Javascript String object, DataFox will use that string in its place. Check it out and reply.
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    How to use Datafox in MTNL Triband

    Sometimes BSNL users might want to use the supersede default domain option in the login dialog in case the BSNL server you are being heading for is not responding . Users who normally use to check their usage must check this choice and select the matching domain from the domain list. MTNL users, if the usage server is down, DataFox will not be bright to obtain any usage records.
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