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Thread: At&t text message costs

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    At&t text message costs


    I am planning to switch from Verizon wireless network to AT&T because many of my friends says that I would be getting better coverage. But i have no idea about the call and data charges of AT&T, which plan is better for me i do a lot of text message and browsing. i hardly use my phone for voice calling. I search on net for AT&T text cost they don't say anything about cost for text, picture, or video messages. do you have any idea ?

    Thank you

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    Re: At&t text message costs

    For your information All AT&T customers with Text Messaging-capable phones are pre-activated to send and receive messages at $0.20 per message with no monthly charge. Go to AT&T Messaging FAQs for more details on At&t text message costs.

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    Re: At&t text message costs

    AT&T’s text messages cost $1,310 per megabyte, AT&T charges 20 cents per message. If 160 bytes of data costs twenty cents then 1MB (1,048,576 bytes) of data would cost 131,072 cents, or $1,310.72. Verizon charges 1 cent, 5 cents or 10 cents per message, depending upon the plan. so it is better to stick with Verizon.

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