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Thread: Suddenlink speedtest

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    Suddenlink speedtest


    I am using Suddenlink internet services. From last to week think i am getting less speed while surfing and downloading. I want to check Suddenlink internet speed. can anyone tell me where should i check ?


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    Re: Suddenlink speedtest

    You can check Suddenlink internet speed on . and other speed test sites. There are many sites available on internet to check downloading and uploading speed.

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    Re: Suddenlink speedtest

    Suddenlink internet service is not good one of my friend is using Suddenlink internet same issue he is facing. He is getting fluctuation while surfing and downloading the data. He complaint many times but still same issue he is facing.

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    Re: Suddenlink speedtest

    Use an Ethernet connection, not USB, to connect a single PC to Suddenlink
    High Speed Internet service. This will improve both Internet speed and the performance of peripheral devices.Ethernet is the connection that looks like a large telephone cord, because it has a wider plug and eight
    wires in the cable instead of four.

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