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Thread: Hardware Requirements for highspeed internet

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    Hardware Requirements for highspeed internet

    What are the hardware requirement to access high speed internet? I have broadband connection which is not giving high download and upload speed, i think hardware changes makes effect on speed. So what are the important hardware changes will affect on internet speed?

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    Re: Hardware Requirements for highspeed internet

    If you haven't yet got a high-speed Internet connection, there are lots of new technologies that are coming available. Satellite internet connection with Smaller modems offer144 kbit/s in a limited coverage area. Or you can also try Wireless Internet access.

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    Re: Hardware Requirements for highspeed internet

    A computer with a NIC card means network card which increase data transmission speed and a broadband modem is normally required for high-speed Internet access. A broadband modem is a type of digital modem used with high-speed DSL or cable Internet service. The type of modem needed depends on the type of broadband services that is used.

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    Re: Hardware Requirements for highspeed internet

    No special software is required to use a broadband connection only you need to take care of hardware equipment that are use in connection. Make sure that wires are not get bend while connecting it to PC and connector like RJ45, BNC are properly working.

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