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Thread: Duplicate text messages

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    Duplicate text messages

    I am having Motorola mobile phone with Verizon connection. Early everything was working fine expect from few days i am receiving duplicate text messages on my phone whenever i am trying to send or receive any messages from my mobile. Does anyone facing such kind of issue and what to do in this case.

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    Duplicate text messages

    You would be getting Duplicate text messages because when anyone send a text message to you through Verizon connection it will attempt to deliver it upto five days. When you receive and sms it is expected that from your phone a respond is being send to sms Server with the notification. If your phone doesn't send this the network will tend to send you the same sms again. If you are facing this issue then you need to immediately contact your Customer Support and intimate them about the same.

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    Duplicate text messages

    I was also facing such kind of issues when i used verizon trivia game service, where they would text message me some trivia questions each day. I would suggest you to contact customer support and they will tell your the steps which are to be followed.

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