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Thread: MTNL Triband Review

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    MTNL Triband Review

    You need a MTNL telephone line, machine with at least Windows 98 installed (of course you can use it on Linux or other OS too but they won’t be able to help you with that), Ethernet Card.

    Registration Process: The registration process is very easy, you have to visit their telephone exchange, fill small form and submit it. The registration fees are Rs. 300 and Rs. 500 initial deposit for modem (if you are going to use their modem). If you have your own modem then you do not need to pay Rs. 500 extra. These charges will be added in your telephone bill. You can also register by calling them on their helpline number 1500 (Mumbai) but there is kind of risk in that, they might put wrong plan under your telephone number. It had happened to me, instead of NU plan, they had put me in pay as per use plan. (I will talk about it more later in this post)

    Time Required: They require around 1 week of time to get the things rolling but if it takes more than a week then it means that the time has come to visit telephone exchange and enquire about it. Reasons for delay can be problems with local server computer, issues with work orders etc…But visiting them personally will solve the issues quickly.

    Installation: Their person will call you before visiting your place, there is nothing much to install actually. You just need to change your IP settings and configure the modem with your username and password. The guy will configure the stuff for you and the things should start running in 10 minutes max.

    Things to be taken care of: First change your modem admin panel’s password. The admin panel is located here: (that’s the default location)…the default username and password will be admin and admin. Now since it is very easy to guess so it is better to change it….to change the password, logon to the admin panel, click on tools tab and type in the new password.

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    Re: MTNL Triband Review

    I used MTNL Triband connection in MALAD ( Mumbai). It doesn’t work on 5 out of 7 days . I was told by the MTNL engineer there that there was some problem with the batteries deployed for my area and for that reason the connection keeps getting disrupted. Realizing that the problem wouldn’t be solved, I got the internet disconnected. (Getting a connection off your back is another interesting story by itself. You can get an internet connection just by calling them and requesting for the same over the phone and a guy will come with a form and do the needful. But you cant get it disconnected without visiting the local telephone exchange personally.)

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