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Thread: Dishtv offers Freedom to Choose & Customize - Aapki Wish, Aapka Pack

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    Dishtv offers Freedom to Choose & Customize - Aapki Wish, Aapka Pack

    Dishtv - India's No. 1 direct-to-home company and part of the biggest media conglomerate - Zee Group, announced value enhanced packs for its subscribers. The new packs are designed to address all consumer segments and create more entertainment options at all price points. Moreover, the new packaging allows immense freedom of choice to the end user to customize his/ her channel bouquet to the maximum possible, with multiple permutations and combinations.

    Dishtv, a pioneer and leader of DTH business in India offers the largest content basket of 225 channels & services. Dishtv continues to lead the category by evolving a whole new dimension of customizability.

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    Get the Dishtv choice of channels in 3 steps

    Consumers can now, get fully spoilt for choice by,

    Step 1 – Choosing from 2 great pricing offers to buy a new Dishtv connection. Dishtv announced two value packs –
    1. A bare Set Top Box for Rs. 1490, along with which the consumer has a choice to select from multiple packs ranging from Rs 99 per month to Rs 275 per month, for any number of months, that he chooses.

    2. A Combo Pack for Rs. 2090 (value packed with a new Set Top Box bundled with the highest Platinum Pack for 3 months, offering 165 channels and services.

    For both the above offers, an installation charge of Rs 200 is payable extra.

    Step 2 – Choosing from a new list of 4 tiered packs – Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum priced as below –

    North Pack offer:

    Silver Pack is available at Rs. 99 + tax offering 110 channels & services

    Gold Pack is available at Rs. 160 + tax offering 125 channels & services

    Diamond Pack is available at Rs. 220 + tax offering 140 channels & services

    Platinum Pack is available at Rs. 275 + tax offering 165 channels & services

    The North pack will have 5 language zones to choose from.

    These packs have been so designed so as to offer maximum entertainment options and largest content basket at every price point, so the consumer stands to enjoy full bang for his buck, on his monthly subscriptions. From its existing packaging to the new, the key difference is in the package configuration that now allows for more popular channels to be available at lower price points, thereby allowing less cost burden and more value enhancement, for its subscribers. Moreover, the packs come with a choice of 8 different language pick options to provide full regional flavor that has always been an edge with the country’s biggest DTH platform.

    Step 3 – Choosing from a variety of 30 + a-la-carte Packs, ranging from Rs 15 + tax to Rs 55 + tax. Though some of these packs existed before, some new packs have now been added that will allow the consumer to pick and choose from different genres, regional language options at price points that are very pocket-friendly.

    A mix of the above three will allow the consumers to design their own packages according to their preference, allowing them the freedom to choose, like never before.

    Commenting on the launch of New Packages, Salil Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer, Dishtv said, “the new package offerings will offer our customers complete freedom of choice to customize channel packages. Dishtv has always taken the lead in enhancing the value proposition thereby expanding the DTH market and this value additiontowardscustomers will prove to be a key differentiator in the times to come.”

    Another departure from the current pricing model is the separate representation of service tax payable on monthly subscriptions. Reeling under intense pressure from multiple taxes by the Centre and the States, the tax element of DTH companies goes up as high as 40 % and includes service tax, entertainment tax, VAT, license fee. Dishtv has decided to charge one component - the service tax directly from the subscribers and make the pricing transparent to that extent.

    Jawahar Goel, Managing Director, Dishtv commented “DTH industry is passing though a tough time due to burdensome multiple taxes by the Centre and the States and Dishtv has been providing considerable subsidies to consumer. Currently, the tax element of DTH companies includes service tax, entertainment tax, value added tax and license fee where as no other services are burdened with these many taxes. The subscribers are taxed entertainment tax on account of news content, that they are watching in the comfort of their home. The matter has been brought to the notice of I&B ministry and we hope that the govt. would rationalize the taxation structure on DTH and provide us some reprieve soon”. Given a scenario that tax relaxation is provided by the government, Dishtv subscribers will stand to benefit immensely by this initiative. Jawahar Goel added.

    Acting in true spirit of a company that has led the industry from the front, Dishtv has taken the lead to address a key industry issue as well as provide some reprieve from excessive subsidies that plague the industry currently. Though the impact on prices to end consumer is minimal – not more than Rs 200 at entry point, the value enhancement has been done so that it is always a win-win deal for its subscribers.

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    About dishtv

    Dishtv is India’s No. 1 direct-to-home company and part of the biggest media conglomerate – Zee group. Dishtv has on its platform 225 channels & services including 21 audio channels with registered 4.4 million subscribers, which is growing. Dishtv has a vast distribution network of about 650 distributors & 45,000 dealers that spans around 6500 towns across the country. Dishtv has 24 * 7 call centre with 1600 seats in 11 different languages to take care of subscriber requirements at any point of time.
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