MTNL Mobshare is our new Mobile Photo Sharing Service. For a whole lot of people, who are in a kind of live-in relationship with their camera phones, photos capture the world around, in the best possible way. MTNL Mobshare helps you store these photos online as well as share them seamlessly with your friends, on their mobile, in a single step process.

To activate this service Just do the Following Steps :

  • You basically need a GPRS enabled mobile phone and will need to activate the GPRS and MMS settings on your mobile.
  • GPRS and MMS activation process varies from Phone to Phone. The best way to know would be to contact the Customer Care. This link should give you a basic idea on how to activate GPRS and MMS on MTNL Mumbai and the tariffs involved.

You will be able to store your photo online as well as share it with all your friends (no matter whether it is 10 or 100 or 1000) for the cost of just one MMS. All friends' who choose to view/download will have a nominal data usage charge which is about 1ps/kb. Cost of the MMS & Data rates depends on the plan you have activated. MMS charges are normally Rs.2 and data charges are 1 ps/kb. Please contact Customer Care to know the exact details.

How to join MTNL Mobshare ?

  • Joining a service has never been easier. All you need to do is SMS yourname to 55563
  • Now you need to Setup your Broadcast list.
  • Send an SMS with the mobile numbers of all your friends to 55563
  • The best part is that your friends could be on any Indian Mobile Operator.
  • Now it's their turn to accept your Broadcast request.
  • Start clicking photos on your phone like never before.
  • Send them via MMS to ''.
  • You may include a caption for the photo in the Subject of the MMS.

Note : SMS's sent to 55563 are toll free.

This service is also available across MTNL Delhi. However you will need to replace 55563 with the long code 9822818163 wherever applicable.

PRS and MMS activation