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    Exclamation SMPS Information

    Hello Everyone,

    I am using an assembled PC with the following config-

    1. Intel Pentium D (3 GHZ)
    2. Intel 945GNT motherboard
    3. TV Tuner card
    4. Creative sound card
    5. Geforce 7600 GT
    6. DVD Drive (1)
    7. DVD RW Drive (1)
    8. 1 GB RAM
    9. 180 GB HDD

    1. OS Windows XP media center
    2. MS Office and other misc softwares...

    Now though my pc is two years old, I got a new heatsink as my pentium d runs hot. I replaced intel heatsink with zalman heatsink. This happened an year ago. At that time I also replaced my 230 V SMPS with a 400 V one.

    Now today, after I switched on my pc in the morning and used it for 10 min or so, it suddenly turned off.

    Now it won't start, no fans (not even smps fan) is running. The only thing is the light in my motherboard is on. After some testing I conculded that my SMPS may have been destroyed.

    I got a new 450 V smps (Intex company now) and replaced it. Now system is backonline.

    What I wanted to know is how can my smps go bad in an year. Moreover distance between the smps and the wall is less. Moreover sometimes (very few times) my pc used to shut off suddenly at times. I think smps must be getting too hot. And I couldn't turn it on for a few min. Do you think this could also be a reason for smps issue so soon. The temp monitor software never indicated extreme temp. At times my Pentium D would run at 70C in summers (if i dont switch on a/c).

    Any advices from you guys would be appreciated.



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    yes, its a smps problem for sure. my pc also gets heated alot in the summer season & for this reason i have installed 4 fans inside my cabinet.

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