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Thread: HP All in printer keeps on disconnecting from network

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    HP All in printer keeps on disconnecting from network

    I am having a HP all in one printer at my office. This printer has a scanner, fax and portable wifi hotspot. I had connected the printer on the lan cable and shared it. I had also configured the printer web access. It can be accessed through a IP address. I had configured a Static IP on that. So that each time upon reboot it does not gets changed. But everyday when I turn it on the printer remains undetected. With the printer setup I got a utility called a HP Print and Scan Doctor. When I launch this software it cable to detect the printer but it crashes.

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    Re: HP All in printer keeps on disconnecting from network

    Looks like the printer is not properly configured. There is one thing you can try out which will surely help you in fixing the error. First go in the printer home menu and go in settings. Reset it to factory settings. Then connect the printer to internet and see if there is any new firmware available. Update that. Check properly the lan cable is connected or not. Sometime it gets loosed and you get the issue. Once done reconfigure its all settings one by one and then done. Adding a Static IP is a good option because it will help you to access the printer whenever you want.

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    Re: HP All in printer keeps on disconnecting from network

    This is a common issue with HP All in one printer. A number of time it remains undetected. I am also not able to find the reason why. In my office had configured this on portable wifi hotspot. And the printer was visible through HP ePrint app. But sometime it is not detected. I tried to recheck the printer settings but it was not helping me much. Later on I installed the printer on usb cable and shared it with all others on the lan. It is working fine know. There is some bug in this printer when you use it on the lan through router. It does not works properly.

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    unsure Re: HP All in printer keeps on disconnecting from network

    Do you have drivers?...then try to uninstall and then reinstall again ... may be it is driver issue....

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