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Thread: How to find a psu that can run the latest graphic card

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    How to find a psu that can run the latest graphic card

    When it comes to upgrading a graphic card then most of my friends recommend me first to go with a new psu. I am having a 550w psu with me. And it is a quiet old one. I want to know some software or tool that can tell me what new cards are going to work on this. I am having a old card which gets very hot while working. And I am quiet sure that is not going to have much life. I want a new graphic card of 2GB this time. And I had made a list of models. But I am unable to decide where my psu will be able to take the load or not.

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    Re: How to find a psu can run the latest graphic card

    Well most of the latest psu are good enough. You don't have to find a specific model. More than that you have to find the psu requirement. Then only you will be able to find out which model to choose. There are many psu models in the market. You can start with a 500w or higher. If you are going to have dual grapahic cards then you will need a much better one. Like a 700w or higher. Most of the gaming pc are having around 600w which I think is enough if you are not going for a extreme level system.

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    Re: How to find a psu can run the latest graphic card

    If you go with a high end then there is no special requirement in finding up a psu. There are many graphic cards that works well if you are having a 600W or higher. All you have to check is how much warranty you are getting on your psu. Some offer you a 3 years while some offers you 5 years warranty on the same. A good warranty will give you better support because in future if the psu is damaged you can get it repaired for free. But if you go with a heavy duty one then it will be working for longer period.

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    Re: How to find a psu that can run the latest graphic card

    Any decent smps that lies between 500w to 700w can run all the latest graphic cards. The selection can be done on the basis of requirement. That means you can start with making the list of hardware in your system. This include processor, number of hard drive, graphic cards, coolers, etc. If you have liquid cooler then requirement is more increased. There are few high end liquid cooler that demand around 10000w of cooling support. Or else it wont work at any point. I found Corsair VS650 as one of the best budget psu. It offers you a 650w of continuous power that is enough for a single pc.

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    Re: How to find a psu that can run the latest graphic card

    Checkout Cooler Master Thunder 700 Watts PSU. It is quiet nice and brings up many features which are needed for gaming pc. I think a 700w psu will be more than enough. This one has a heavy duty design and it comes with 3 years warranty. It has all kind of possible connectivity options and it also perform well. It is a nice psu that comes with all required features. It is a heavy duty model. Corsair has quiet nice range of psu which are worth for gaming pc. You don't have to go for any special test. Even if in future you plan to upgrade you can add the hardware without worrying much.

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    Re: How to find a psu that can run the latest graphic card

    When you buying a psu a good one, do not just get stuck on the features. There are some manufacturer who just tries to emphasize more unique by adding big words. There are many decent performing pc that will fulfill your requirement. You have to worry less about that. One of the best thing you can do is compare different models with each other. On many eCommerce website you will be getting this feature. You can simply add them and compare different brands together. And on the basis of rating you can buy which you find is the best one.

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