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Thread: Which 1000 watt psu will be better for a extreme gaming machine

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    Which 1000 watt psu will be better for a extreme gaming machine

    I am trying to find a good 1000watt psu for a gaming pc. I can find a few model which are around 750watt. But I want to go for a much higher one. There are some models under Antec but they are costly. Compare to them I can find a few cheaper one, but I am not sure that it is good or not. Most of my friends recommend me to go with Antec as it is a good and reliable brand. But there are cheaper alternative available. So I want some advice from expert who can guide me over the psu. I am not having a very tight budget here. I can simply go ahead with a costly one also. But I need a better model.

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    Re: Which 1000 watt psu will be better for a extreme gaming machine

    1000w psu are ideal for gaming only. As they are exclusive model this are not recommended for pc for daily usage. I am going to recommend you one. It is right that there are many models compare to Antec. You can give a try. Like Corsair RM Series 1000 Watt. This one is a 80plus certified psu that brings up amazing performance and great output. It is reliable and work for longer period without causing much issue. This psu comes with detachable wires. You can attach only those which are needed. It having heavy duty capacitors that can give long lasting output. Just checkout the features of this psu.

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    Re: Which 1000 watt psu will be better for a extreme gaming machine

    1000w is a way to high requirement. I do not really think you have to go for such high psu. The best would be to go with a 750w psu if you are not having dual grapahic cards in your pc. I have a friends gaming pc which has as Nvidia 650TI graphic card with a Antec liquid cooler. He is using a 600watt psu on that. And it works really well. I do not think he is having any kind of issue in playings on the same. Here you have to simply try to find out your requirements. If you are having dual or triple graphic card in your pc with a liquid cooler then I am quiet sure that you need such large psu.

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    Re: Which 1000 watt psu will be better for a extreme gaming machine

    A 1000w psu can easily cost around Rs.17000 approx if you go with a good model. Just have a look on Seasonic 1000W Modular Power Supply. This psu has a 2 cpu connector and 11 SATA Cables. I think that is enough. This psu will be great for gaming. But it is good first to find your requirements. Just buying such a high end psu will not be so effective. This are costly unit. The model which I had mentioned above comes with a 3 Years Warranty. And that would be enough I think. Such psu also needs a large cpu case or else they wont fit well inside.

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    Re: Which 1000 watt psu will be better for a extreme gaming machine

    Corsair is having a RM1000 series which I think would be the best one for your requirement. When you are buying psu one of the most important thing to check that the psu must be having a silent fan. Because when you are playing games, the psu fan makes noise and this is annoying. It is not easy to play games due to such high noise. Corsair RM1000 series is a good durable model that comes with silent and is 80Plus certified. It has a Zero RPM Fan Mode where the fan remains very low when you are playing game. I think Corsair is the best brand in psu.

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    Re: Which 1000 watt psu will be better for a extreme gaming machine

    Most of the psu have same kind of features. So just check that you are not paying high for a model which is already coming available at a cheaper price by a different brand. For a psu the internal circuit matters a lot. If the components are not heavy duty then it might cause problem. And most of the reputed branded offers you 80Plus certification. This means they are durable and long lasting. If you a 1000w psu a bit costly model, then you can still go with a 800w model. This one is bit cheaper and better. Go for Antec they offer a reliable models.

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