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Thread: Hybrid drive with 8GB SSD enough for performance

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    Hybrid drive with 8GB SSD enough for performance

    My pc is not working really well. I am having a Core i5 based system with 4GB RAM on it. There is a 512MB regular graphic card. I use my pc for video editing work. It has as bit of performance problem and I am not in a condition to upgrade this system. So here I found one option has to add a hybrid hard drive. That comes with nand flash chips and platters both. The flash chips section take care about boot and application performance, while the regular platters hold the data. I am going to get a new hard drive. I found one model under Seagate. I want to know that a 8GB SSD flash is enough for increasing up systems output through a caching software. Will this reduce the boot time also.

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    Re: Hybrid drive with 8GB SSD enough for performance

    As per my experience I found that around 2 to 3GB of SSD space is more than enough for caching. Hard drive manufacturers like Seagate, WD, etc offers a new kind of hybrid hard drive which will give you dual benefits. The cost of this drives are not very high. This drives have the regular drive platters that solve storage requirement and a flash chip section that take care about the caching. So you can surely go with that. It will add a bit more power to your pc in terms of application output. But for boot time you have to rely on the regular drive speed. Try to find out different testing performance before going for a upgrade.

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    Re: Hybrid drive with 8GB SSD enough for performance

    Instead of getting a hybrid drive I prefer to go with a SSD only. Kingston has some budge drive with a powerful caching software. You can look under SSDNow series that are designed for performance only. You can use that with your existing hard drive and get a decent output from that. You can get size between 60 to 120GB. I think a 80GB is also more than enough if you only need this for working purpose. You can load your OS on that and dedicate around 5 to 10GB only for caching. That will be more than enough. Your regular drive will be used for data storing purpose. If you are having a drive with 7000rpm then you can expect amazing output from it.

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