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Thread: Mouse and keyboard randomly disconnect and reconnect again

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    Mouse and keyboard randomly disconnect and reconnect again

    From last few days I have noticed that my mouse and keyboard will freeze up and I also hear the Device Disconnect sound but after few seconds both will be working again. This problem occurs randomly and after some time both keyboard and mouse will stop working completely. I have connected them to the back of the usb ports on the motherboard and disconnecting and reconnecting them doesnt work as well. When I connect them into other USB ports then they work for same period and again after some time they will stop working completely. Is there any solution for this problem? Thanks

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    Re: Mouse and keyboard randomly disconnect and reconnect again

    Hi Hypecity,

    I'd like to assist you, when it goes unresponsive, is it just the mouse and keyboard or is the entire machine unresponsive?

    There is a chance that USB might be faulty, which makes the device to lose its connection.

    1) Try the same mouse and keyboard on another PC if possible and see if the problem persist.

    2) Is it wired or wireless?

    3) Try another USB device on your system and see if it reacts the same.

    Hope it helps.

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    Re: Mouse and keyboard randomly disconnect and reconnect again

    Can you tell us whether you are having 2 antivirus software installed in your computer? Do you also get any blue screen of death error or the problem only remains with the keyboard and mouse only? Have you tried to use a different keyboard or mouse? You can try to remove and reinstall all the usb, mouse and keyboard drivers by going to device manager and then restart your computer with everything plugged in and all the drivers for these devices will be automatically installed. Check to see now if the usb devices are working fine or not.

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    Re: Mouse and keyboard randomly disconnect and reconnect again

    First of all disconnect all usb devices except mouse and keyboard and open Advanced System Settings. Here, click on Advanced Tab > Environment Variables. Go to System Variables and then click on new and type devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices as variable name and type 1 as value, then click ok to close it. Go to Device Manager and then click on View and then Show hidden devices to get a list of usb devices and some of those lines will appear faded. Just uninstall all the faded entries. There is a INFCACHE.1 file as well which could be corrupted, so just delete it and windows will generate a same file. Now open Windows Explorer and choose Computer in navigation pane and search for INFCACHE.1. Just right click on same file and then go to Properties and then click on Secutiry tab > edit > add. Simply type administrators in the window with blinking cursor and click ok. After that delete the INFCACHE.1 file. Now connect a usb device that was not having any issues and it will make a new INFCACHE.1 file. Now restart your computer and then try to use the mouse and keyboard again.

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    Re: Mouse and keyboard randomly disconnect and reconnect again

    If still the above solution doesnt work then try to run the System File Checker tool on your Windows and see if that corrects the corrupted files. To do this, click on Start and then type cmd in Search bar. After that right click on cmd and choose Run as Administrator. Once the command prompt window appears, then all you need to do is type sfc /scannow and let it run and then restart once it is finished.

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