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Thread: Wifi lan card vs usb wifi dongle

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    Wifi lan card vs usb wifi dongle

    My onboard wifi has stopped working. I had tried updating the drivers a number of time but that is not helping. So here I need some help to find a proper wifi support for my system. There are two things that I can try to. The first one is to go ahead with a wifi lan card which will be permanent. And the second one is going with the a usb dongle that can still use on other pc. But I am confused what to go for. Which one will be best there. I need a stable system and good one that can offer you a nice file transfer speed on the lan network.

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    Re: Wifi lan card vs usb wifi dongle

    I am using a 150mbps usb dongle on my pc which has a projector connected to the same. It works really well and there is no issue on the same. I am quiet sure that you can go ahead with a wifi usb dongle. Bug buy a good one. Don't buy a small one.That will have a speed issue and you wont be able to do anything on the same. You might have a pay a good account for the one that can give you good speed and decent connectivity options also. You can use the same to create a portable wifi hotspot also.

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    Re: Wifi lan card vs usb wifi dongle

    Its my personal experience. Compare to the usb dongle, the pci lan card is lot more better one. Because that offers you more stable connectivity. There are some pci lan cards which have additional antenna that simply boost up the speed. But the only issue is that you cannot move it. It will be permanent. I had bought a small dongle which simply gave me the most slowest speed on the lan. Compare to that the speed on the pci card is lot more better. While the usb one has a fluctuating problem.

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