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Thread: Mic setup for Battlefield 4 lan gaming

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    Mic setup for Battlefield 4 lan gaming

    I am having some trouble is setting up mic for Battlefield 4. The Mic is working but when I say something the players on the other end does not receive my command. I checked in the audio settings where the mic volume is set to full. It looks the mic fails to work properly when I am playing on the lan. I want some help here to make this thing work more properly. I tried to search more for the audio setting but there is nothing. The same mic work well on the old version. The issue lies in the new one.

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    Re: Mic setup for Battlefield 4 lan gaming

    You can run the default audio recorder of Windows to find out the maximum output of your mic. Just click on Search and in that type Sound Recorder. And then record some sample audio on the same. Play it and listen. If the voice is not clear then you are not having a good mic due to which you are facing the issue. You must try fixing the same by checking the connection or by changing the audio ports from front to back. Just try to do that once and see whether it works or not.

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    Re: Mic setup for Battlefield 4 lan gaming

    Updating audio drivers will also help you in fixing the issue.You have to go on the website of your motherboard manufacturer. There you can find audio drivers. Just download the same and install it. Then try to run the setup the audio back again. If the voice output is still weak then you have to change your mic. Most of the headphones comes with a mic in them. And you can use both of them quiet easily. Try to keep the mic playback volume to maximum so that the person on the other end can hear you.

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