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Thread: Using my old pc for data transfer work

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    Using my old pc for data transfer work

    I have a Core 2 Duo system which has some Gigabyte motherboard. I am going to buy a new one. And this time I am planing to go for a gaming pc. My old pc has around 4 Sata ports in the same. I want to use this pc only for transferring files in a hard drive. One SATA port will be used by the OS drive. Which is a 80GB hard disk. And there are three left. Is there any way through which I can use it like a dock or something. And transfer files in other drive. A number of time my friends ask me for new games and this time the game size is minimum 20GB. So that wont be easy to give them in a pen drive.

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    Re: Using my old pc for data transfer work

    The first thing you have to do is to configure Hot Swapping feature in your pc. If you will be frequently adding or removing drives in your pc. This hot swapping feature will let you to remove and connect drive without switching off your pc. While in regular way you have to turn off and then connect. This will be a time consuming process. For configuring Hot Swapping you have to buy a separate pci card. This card comes with 2 Sata ports. You can get more on bigger cards. And then you can use it for file transfer.

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    Re: Using my old pc for data transfer work

    You have to use some tools to make space for the drives. Or you will be hanging them out. Here in these kind of pc you can connect sata cables and pull them out. And then let them hang. And you will also get a long cable from psu which will have around 3 sata power connectors. It is best to keep this pc on your desk. Pull out the cables from front or back. If you manage to install hot swapping then it wil be easier for you to disconnect the drive after transferring files in the same.

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