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Thread: Device Descriptor Request Failed error in Windows 8.1

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    Device Descriptor Request Failed error in Windows 8.1

    I am running Windows 8.1 operating system in my pc and when I go in Device Manager then I can see an error message stating that "Device Descriptor Request Failed. There is also a Code 43 next to the error. I have also checked that theres is some USB socket failure with some different letters like serial keys. I am thinking that there is some kind of a USB port problem. Can anyone tell me if there is some problems related to driver WHQL in Windows 8.1? I have checked that the other usb ports are working fine as well? Any ideas

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    Re: Device Descriptor Request Failed error in Windows 8.1

    Can you tell us whether there is ony one USB port on right side of your computer? I have seen sometime that there are some manufacturers that connect internal devices through a not used USB port internally. You will find that usb ports are mainly in 2 groups, so looking at only one port is usually a sign that the wiring that has been redirected internally to something else like a Bluetooth adapter or wifi adapter. There might even be a card reader or touchpad.

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    Re: Device Descriptor Request Failed error in Windows 8.1

    The error Code 43 usually means that the hardware is not able to communicate properly and that is usually because of the chipset drivers that are not installed properly first. You can try to check what that device is. Just try to open the Device Manager and then right click on it and select Properties and go to Details tab. After that click on hardware dropdown option to get Hardware Ids. Just copy and paste the lines that are shown there in your next reply.

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    Re: Device Descriptor Request Failed error in Windows 8.1

    The other way around instead of corrupting up the factory install is to purchase a second hard drive and then use the new drive to install Windows 8.1 Also try to keep the factory drive in a safe place. After that if you want to send it back in for more repairs then you can just swap the factory drive back in. After that once the warranty gets over then you can purchase an external enclosure for the extra hard drive and use it fr backup and storage.

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