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Thread: Want to buy Antec 620c NeoEco from primeabgb

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    Want to buy Antec 620c NeoEco from primeabgb

    I am having a gaming pc which runs on Quad core cpu and 8GB RAM. I am using a Nvidia 2GB graphic card on that. The pc turned off on its own and when I checked I found that the power supply is not working. It is dead. I want to get a new one. After searching a lot I found Antec NeoEco 620C. I found primeabgb who is selling this for some Rs.5891 approx. And they are also taking Rs.50 for delivery. I want to know whether it is worth to buy from primeabgb or not. I got the same model on Shopclues for Rs.5000.

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    Re: Want to buy Antec 620c NeoEco from primeabgb

    To be frank, I do not trust Shopclue. They are not having a good customer support. I had bought a spy camera pen from them for Rs.1200 long time ago. When I got that it was damage. I returned it and it took them 2 months to return me the money. I consider Flipkart and Snapdeal the most. Even if they are costly. Because if there is some issue I will get a refund. For primeabgb, they are very old and reputed hardware store of Lamington, Mumbai. I think you must order from their site.

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    Re: Want to buy Antec 620c NeoEco from primeabgb

    I got a lot of hardware from primeabgb. They are trusted on. But I never checked the return policy. As I never had any problem. I just recently purchased a cpu case. And it is working well. Most of the hardware has a warranty. And the psu which you are talking about has a 3 year warranty. You can buy that without worrying much. They will give you a good product. Do not accept if the seal is broken. Unpacked products are always damage. Just return them.

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