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Thread: Want help in fixing a damage dvd

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    Want help in fixing a damage dvd

    I found a very old dvd that has recording of my marriage. And this is an around 10 years old disc. I found that in a scrap box kept inside a book. Right-now I am only having a album that has maximum photos. But I want some help here to simply use this DVD and extract the video from it. I tried inserting it in my pc but it does not recognize it. The DVD looks clear to me and I think it might start working if there is some way of software available. I had tried looking around on web but unable to find any kind of options. It is will be great help if anyone can guide me for the data recovery.

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    Re: Want help in fixing a damage dvd

    Well it will be possible but you have to try various methods. It is very important that the dvd surface must be clear and readable. Or else it wont work well. You can try out by using some kind of soap and water. First wash the DVD with soap. Do not rub it with a touch cloth. Use cotton. I think handkerchief or towel will be the best one. You have to wash the shiny part of the DVD and then check back. Insert it in the pc and then see whether your optical drive lights blinks or not. It will try to read the surface if there are not many scratches. But if nothing works then the DVD is damage.

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    Re: Want help in fixing a damage dvd

    Hey your data will be back. I was helped by Stellar data recovery for my corrupted images.They recovered all. So you can browse for them.

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    Re: Want help in fixing a damage dvd

    It cab be recovered dvd is playable. If it is not then there is no way of doing the same. There are some specialized machine that does this and can allow you to recover but buying those costly stuff for one cd is not recommended. Here you can try using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This one will help you to clean the edges and will also be helpful in fixing the problem. Another way is to use a wax for cleaning the DVD but this can be risky if not done properly. You might face issue. Just clean the shiny part with a wax and test back and I am quiet sure it can work.

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