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Thread: usb mouse stopped working in Sony Vaio laptop

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    usb mouse stopped working in Sony Vaio laptop

    The usb mouse was working fine on my Sony Vaio laptop but after I installed usb drivers for my LG mobile phone, soon after the installation completed the usb mouse stopped working. I have also tried installing the same drivers on my desktop and there is no issues. The touchpad of my laptop is still working and the usb ports too since it is able to detect the flash drives and my phones. But it is still not able to detect my usb mouse which is working fine on my other desktop pc. What could be the problem here? Thanks for any answers.

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    Re: usb mouse stopped working in Sony Vaio laptop

    Did you try to use the other usb ports on your laptop? Also, did you try to use other mouse on your laptop and checked if it is working fine or not? Have you tried uninstalling the LG mobile drivers and checked if the mouse is working. You could also try to use the System Restore option to a previous date when the mouse was working fine. Try to also update all the Windows important updates and some bug fixes and see if it works on your Sony Vaio laptop.

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    Re: usb mouse stopped working in Sony Vaio laptop

    Can you go in Device Manager or in System information and check if there is any conflicts mentioned? Try to first shut down the laptop and then remove the AC power cord. After that remove the battery and then press and hold the laptop power button for 30 seconds. Once you have done this then reinstall the battery again and then reconnect the AC power cord. Now try to restart your laptop and then try replugging the same USB mouse and see if that works.

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    Re: usb mouse stopped working in Sony Vaio laptop

    If the above solution doesnt work then try changing the power options for usb devices. To do that first remove the usb mouse and then open device manager. After that go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers and click on the + sign next to it. Go down to usb root hub and right click the same entry and choose properties. You should see dialog box opening with many tabs. Now you have to choose Power Management tab. Just uncheck the box checked with "Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power" and repeat the same procedure for all usb root hubs. Now close all dialog boxes including devie manager and restart your computer. Once again try to reconnect the usb mouse and check if it works.

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