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Thread: Are compact 3D printers affordable today

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    Are compact 3D printers affordable today

    I want to know about compact 3D printers. This have been recently launched. I am trying to find out the cost of the same so that I can get one. I want to this for project work and I am yet not able to find anything. I hope there will be a 3D printer model that I can simply go for. Because it will be one of the best option for tiny project work. I had seen there are quiet lot of developments in the 3D printing stuff. It will be easier to build things through that. I had seen a lot of video but yet there are no site which are selling it off. It is still a less popular thing. But there are quiet great benefits of this device.

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    Re: Are compact 3D printers affordable today

    3D printers are yet not sold by popular ecommerce site as it is not having much demand in the market. People have yet not started buying the same. You can search on web to find which site is selling it and you have to buy that internationally that will also cause shipping charges. You can try finding out MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer. There are few good models but as it is not very common then it will be complicated for people to get it fixed or repair. And it will also need refilling. So that are the things due to which many are not buying it. Even big printer manufacturer are not working on that.

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    Re: Are compact 3D printers affordable today

    In future I am quiet sure it will be a great boom and there will be people mad about buying the same. It is sold buy many sellers online but it is right that it might carry heavy shipping chargers. 3D printers soon will be more compact to get. It can let you use your imagination and create amazing samples of things quiet easily. And they are very costly today. Just have a look on CubePro. It is a $2899 3D printer that is quiet costly. But it is portable and can help you to create things instantly. Most of these printers are having plastic in them that allow you to create objects. Some are also using durable nylon.

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