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Thread: laptop's touchpad showing as PS/2 mouse

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    laptop's touchpad showing as PS/2 mouse

    I am using a Lenovo laptop which came with some old operating system. So I installed Windows 7 on it. Everything was working fine but after some time I started having issues with the dvd writer of this laptop. So, I took it to the service center and they fixed it as usual. But once I got the laptop I noticed that the multi-gestures were not working. I then reinstalled the drivers but still to no avail. When I go into the driver area then it appears to be a PS/2 mouse and not as touchpad. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks

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    Re: laptop's touchpad showing as PS/2 mouse

    I am thinking that this might surely be a driver related issue. So what you can do is simply go to the Device Manager and then choose Touchpad and right click on it to select Properties and then go to Details Tab. Here you will get the Hardware ID, just post it here in your next reply. Or else you can even choose to reinstall the driver from the below link. Just select the series of the laptop and then below select the Model. On the next page you will get the download link for the drivers.

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    Re: laptop's touchpad showing as PS/2 mouse

    It looks to me that when you gave your laptop to the Service Center then it installed a wrong trackpad driver and not by the same manufacturer that you use. Can you please tell us first what is it exactly called under your Device Manager? You can also try to install a free software called Speccy to check what is the model of the trackpad. Most of the internal PS/2 device is commonly called as a trackpads now a days. So, I think that the driver you have installed might be wrong on the first place.

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    Re: laptop's touchpad showing as PS/2 mouse

    I was facing a similar issue like the OP. I also removed and installed the drivers from differnet locations in my Acer but nothing was working. I got my laptop repaired under warranty but after returning back to me I started facing issues. After that I called my laptop manufacturer and they told me to restore my laptop to factory settings. After a lot of search I found that it was a hardware problem with the Synaptics, so I uninstalled the software and driver and then downloaded and installed the Elantech driver which worked fine for me.

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