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Thread: Want a usb track-pad for desktop pc

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    Want a usb track-pad for desktop pc

    I need a trackpad for my desktop pc. I am not really fond of using a mouse. I usually use my laptop at office. Now I had shifted to new place where I am having a regular pc to use. And this one is having a very old keyboard. The mouse is also not fine. It is big and I found it heavy to use. To work fast I need a trackpad. I found this very easy to use. Like pinch zoom, multi finger scrolling, etc. I know this gestures very well and I want this on the pc. This is not possible without adding a trackpad. Is there a separate trackpad available with usb.

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    Re: Want a usb track-pad for desktop pc

    There are but it is costly. And you will get a much bigger size track pad. Search for Wacom Bamboo CTH300K. This one is a nice track pad that you can use in your pc and it will offer you nice work. There are different models also available but this one is the best. Instead of track pad you can try buying a digital pen that will be a lot more simpler. Because in that you just have to write with a pen and you can also control various other functions. It will be a lot more faster. All this external track pad are costly. And they bring extra benefits of writing also.

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    Re: Want a usb track-pad for desktop pc

    Instead of buying a track-pad go for a compatible keyboard that has integrated track pad on the same. Many keyboards I had seen comes with it. You have to pay the same kind of amount. It will be portable and will come with wireless control. The best one I think is from Logitech. Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard k400 is a good model here. It is big in size has a full keyboard layout with touch-pad at the right side. It also give you the right and left click button. It is an impressive model with wireless control. You just have to connect the Bluetooth dongle in your pc and done.

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