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Thread: WD Green Caviar hard drive wont stay connected

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    WD Green Caviar hard drive wont stay connected

    I am using an external 1TB WD Green Caviar hard drive which was working fine without any issues in my old pc. Now I got a different computer where it is not working fine as before. After connecting it in the new pc I started getting error the drive being Dynamic, so I had to convert it to basic. So, I plugged it via an enclosure to a laptop and copied all the data to be safe before converting it to basic from dynamic. I then connected it to the new pc and it worked fine for couple of days. But after that the drive started disconnecting on its own sometimes and I had to reconnect it to be seen as a drive. Now the problem is the drive is not detecting at all even if I connect it with the Sata cable or usb cable, it is shown for a few seconds and removes itself without any warning. I dont know what else to do now and would like any solutions if anyone has. Thank you

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    Re: WD Green Caviar hard drive wont stay connected

    I checked all the difficulty you are facing on the Western Digital external hard drive that you have. I will strongly suggest you to download the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics test first for the drive that may be able to detect any errors that you are facing on the hard drive. The Windows version of the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics utility can perform drive identification, diagnostics, and repairs on a Western Digital FireWire, EIDE, Serial ATA, or USB drive. In addition, it can provide the drive's serial and model numbers. Just go through the whole step by step guide on how to do that by reading from this link -

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    Re: WD Green Caviar hard drive wont stay connected

    Hi Herbi,
    Based on what you mentioned, it shows up and disappears after a few seconds. Does this happen only while connected via USB using an enclosure? Or does this happen while connected as an internal drive via the SATA cable?
    Let’s try to troubleshoot as an internal drive first before moving on to an external enclosure.
    1) Connect using different SATA ports if available
    2) Connect using a different SATA cable
    May I know where is it that the drive is not appearing? Is it the Windows Explorer, Device Manager, Disk Management or BIOS?
    If it is not appearing in Windows Explorer (My Computer):
    1) Check if it is appearing in Device Manager.
    there are few steps .
    my computer> manger>device manger.
    Then check if there is any error on the drive, usually marked with a yellow triangle. You can then try to update the driver.

    If it is not appearing in Device Manager then you could try checking in Disk Management.

    Check if it appears there, sometimes it may turn up as Disk 1 or Disk 2, and the status. You could try to initialize and format it from here.
    If you get errors while formatting or initializing, then you can also try the DLG, via this link….
    If not appearing in Disk Management, then the last resort is to check the BIOS. You may need to update your BIOS or change the SATA setting in there, depending on the type of motherboard you have.If it is not detected in BIOS, and you have confirmed that all cables are connected properly, then the hard drive is most likely damaged. If the drive is under warranty, you can send the drive for RMA using the following link
    ( .

    Here’s a link to check if your drive is still under warranty.
    ( .
    I hope it will help you.

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    Re: WD Green Caviar hard drive wont stay connected

    Can you tell us how old is your Western Digital Green Caviar hard drive? It seems to me that the drive might be failing, so if it is under warranty then you can try to RMA it as soon as you can. In any case, did you try to connect the drive in other USB ports? Did you also try to boot up with the drive connected in the computer? This all things might wont make a difference but it is worth a shot. But since it is not working under USB or Sata and keeps going on and off again and again then its surely a bad drive.

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    Re: WD Green Caviar hard drive wont stay connected

    Can you try to check how your devices connect to one another by going into Device Manager menu and click on View > Device by connection. Just try to expand the ACPI devices to notice the PCI bus and then expand it as well. Afterwards keep expanding the rest until you find the hard drive. I think that you will find the drive plugged in via the Sata controller. Try to create a Knoppix Live CD and boot into it and then connect your drive via USB. If the drive is still having issues then there is something wrong with the computer hardware or BIOS.

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