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Thread: HP Deskjet 1512 All-in-One Printer slow scanning

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    HP Deskjet 1512 All-in-One Printer slow scanning

    I had bought a new HP Deskjet 1512 All-in-One Printer. I am trying to install that on Windows 7 system. The scanning takes a bit long time. The printer is connected directly through usb to my pc. I had updated and installed all kinds of drivers in the pc. But it is not working. I thought this might take seconds to scan a file. But the same is taking a very long time and things are really slow here. I want so me help to fix the issue. I am not able to figure any solution to speed up the printer.

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    Re: HP Deskjet 1512 All-in-One Printer slow scanning

    Try re-installing the printer. The printer if taking slow time then it means your connectivity or driver is having fault. This sometime happens. That when you click on scan the printer does not respond instantly. It will take time to scan your document and bit longer time to give you the display. Start with removing the printer software completely and then installing it back again. You can try finding the latest drivers online. Just update that on your system and test once again. This will work.

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    Re: HP Deskjet 1512 All-in-One Printer slow scanning

    It can be due to very high dpi settings. You have to check that before scanning. And you can find that in the scanner settings. If you are using the default scanning software then just start the same and there check for the dpi section. There you have to set things to the lowest to scan. It will work really fast. I am quiet sure the dpi settings is very high here that is why the scanner scans files slowly. And it will also generate a very large image file at the end. Just reduce the settings and test back.

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    Re: HP Deskjet 1512 All-in-One Printer slow scanning

    If the dpi is not a problem here then the issue can be with the cable you have. Due to lack of proper cables the scanning does not work well. You can try changing that once. Do this before re-installing the printer. Or try to test the printer on any other usb port. Sometime this issue can be also due to the usb port. Most of the time the scanning things works well and fast. I also have similar printer but a bit better one. It is a higher version and work well. The printer starts scanning when I click on the scan button.

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