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Thread: Is is safe to use fan less power supply for overclocking

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    Is is safe to use fan less power supply for overclocking

    I had seen a few fan less power supply models in the market. I want to know that does it is safe to use them. Many psu have a big size fan at the bottom and this one spin really fast when you are playing games or overclocking. It generate a annoying vibration noise. I want a bit help here to find some good models which are fan less. My friends says that benefit of having fan is that it cool down the internal circuit when power usage is high. And fan less are more risk of getting burn while using.

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    Re: Is is safe to use fan less power supply for overclocking

    Instead of going complete fan-less you can still go for some quiet power supply unit. There are ample of them in the market. Antec EarthWatts EA750
    750W is one of them. It is a nice and effective cooler for overclocking. It does not produce much noise when you are using the same. It also has enough amount of power to run different kind of hardware. The good part of using this psu is that you can still add more things. Like a liquid cooler. Always buy a smps that offer you noiseless fan.

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    Re: Is is safe to use fan less power supply for overclocking

    Cheap power supply does not has this feature. I have seen in many system. They create more sound when the system is drawing out power. And it is annoying. It is not really essential that you go with fan less. They have their own cons. Fan less units are used in small pc or in htpc where space is less. But for desktop you dont really need such thing. Go for a good one and you will surely get a quiet output. Also try to clean your smps fans. It might have dust or some stuck particles which is causing the issue.

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